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Hello warriors,

My company is planning to start some promotion campaigns via google AdWords and FB ads.

However, we don't have any concepts of budget setting. I am a new marketer, but being assign to handle this. If i just want to increase brand awareness at the first stage. How can I allocate the budget? and how much should I propose?

Here's some background:
*blockchain company
* increase community members (Telegram /FB/ Discord)
* My employers don't have any budget in mind, want me to counter propose to him

Anyone can give me a direction. thanks
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    1. Determine the number of leads you need per month. Keep in mind that not all leads will turn into customers.

    2. Find data on the average conversion of traffic into leads for your topic (competitors).

    Based on step 2, calculate the traffic you need.

    3. Make a traffic forecast:
    Google Ads: Tools and Settings - Keyword Planner - Get search volume and forecast - Enter your keywords.

    4. Create advertising campaigns
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    Well you need at least a basic calculation on your product .For example see how much your product gives you if its 100$ and you pay 1$ per click then you can spend 100$ on advertisment to test it and you need just 1 sale to get your money .You need to decise how much you need to test etc

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    Hi there,
    You can follow the guidelines like Complete Your Total Spending Requirements.
    An informed estimate or past expenditures should serve as a basis for budget decisions to the extent possible.
    Funding methods should be identified.
    Organize budgets by department.
    Establish a system for monitoring expenditures.

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