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I'm thinking of creating a google ads campaign where i create perhaps 200 ads - each of which will only include one keyword. (skags i believe is the term )

They will be a mix of high medium and low volume search terms

The campaign will be based on maximise clicks with conversion tracking set up

Just be interested to see what feedback an of you might have re this before i start the work
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    This is good thing but before you running campaigns first of all you must have case study for every single keyword or products like consumer intention, selling, views etc. etc.
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    Hi devdev,

    You don't need 200 ads. One or two great ads for each offer should do the trick. Don't bother with SKAGS because that strategy hasn't worked in years.

    Pick the most specific and relevant keywords and use phrase match because that is the most exact way to match your keyword to actual search terms. Exact match is no longer exact so don't bother with that at all during the beginning.

    Group together all closely related terms into a single ad group. You can manage the individual keywords so you do not need to split into separate ad group unless the keywords have distinct and separate intent in search.

    Since you are new, go slow and keep your geo location targeting relatively small until you have all the basics down and are sure you haven't made any huge mistakes.

    Keep an eye on your search terms report to make sure your targeting is spot on, adding negative keywords as needed.

    Once you get a few ad groups performing profitably, start scaling up by expanding into more locations, and more keywords with high commercial intent.


    Don Burk
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