Four Impactful PPC Ad Extensions You Need To Try Out

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that you should make time to review Google ad extensions on a regular basis to ensure you're taking advantage of all available opportunities.

Ad extensions maximize your visibility in search engine results. Here's how Image Extensions, Structured Snippets, Price Extensions, and Call Extensions can help. Not all ad extensions are created equal and they serve different marketing purposes.

Whether it's on Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, ad extensions can help maximize your visibility in the search results and improve ad performance. Ad extensions also allow for additional or more detailed messaging that doesn't fit in the base ad copy, even with the new RSA format.

Here are four PPC ad extensions you should be using today:
  1. Image Extensions: Image extensions are available worldwide. Consumer's visual experience when browsing products and services online have become more critical in recent years. Image extensions help to create a more visually appealing search ad to engage with potential customers. To begin using dynamic image extensions, navigate to the Extensions tab of your account and click on Add dynamic image extensions.
  2. Structured Snippets: Structured Snippets are the "no brainer" of ad extensions. They list specific aspects of your product or service. After selecting a suitable header, enter the values - such as "free WiFi" or "pool" for amenities.
  3. Price Extensions: Price extensions are a great alternative for advertisers that don't have product feeds and can benefit from showcasing products and services with price points. Price extensions are presented in the search results below the main ad text and can be useful in attracting greater attention to the ad as well as driving to deeper content on the advertiser's website.
  4. Call Extensions: Call extensions serve a phone number with your ads that redirect to the official phone number. These are still highly relevant as an ad tactic as mobile has become the primary device for many searchers. Advertisers who have avoided call extensions in the past should take a second look.
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  • I do like image extensions, as i have an image that has been proven to work for me - and they increase my CTR. I've never wanted to use call and price extensions as i'm not a phone guy, and the price of the products i promote wouldn't be attractive to someone browsing through a Google search result.
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    Thank you so much for your valuable information..
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    I Have used 1st and 2nd but not 3rd and 4th why because in this I didn't find that much of benefit to me. Thanks to share your valuable thought with us.
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