Some technical issues that affect website speed and performance

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Every website should be speed optimized. Google also values page load times and user experience.

You can conduct a site audit to obtain a performance report on the technical speed of your website.

You can also run your website via Google's Pagespeed Insights tool to see where you stand and what may be improved.

Large HTML page size
Review your page's source code, and consider optimising its structure, and/or removing inline scripts and styles.

Redirect chains and loops
Avoid using more than 3 redirects in a chain. In case you encounter one, redirect each URL in the chain to the actual destination page.

Slow HTML page load speed despite optimisation
If your page load is slow even after cleaning up your HTML, considering moving to a better hosting service with more resources.

What other issues do you usually encounter? Chime in.
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    If your page load is slow even after cleaning up your HTML, considering moving to a better hosting service with more resources
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    Sometime page speed issue occurs when you use excessive plugins and large image file
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  • I think heavy images and poor hosting services are also responsible for low website speed. Slow page loading speeds are also bad for SEO. It affects ranking on SERPs.
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    Technical factor that can slow down your website speed and performance:
    1. Unoptimized Images
    2. JavaScript Issues
    3. Too Much Flash Content
    4. Excessive HTTP Requests
    5. Not Making Use of Caching Techniques
    6. Unclean Code
    7. Not Using gZIP Compression
    8. Too Many Ads
    9. Not Using a CDN Service
    10. Bad Hosting
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    The crawling issue is also one of these mentioned problems that most people encounter. The wrong Robots.txt tag makes it happen. compressed files are also the one factor that escapes your site at a slower speed.
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    There are several technical issues that can affect website speed and performance, including:

    Large images and videos: Using large images and videos can significantly slow down a website, especially if they are not optimized for the web.

    Too many HTTP requests: Each time a web browser loads a page, it sends an HTTP request to the server to retrieve the necessary files and resources. If a website has too many HTTP requests, it can slow down the page load time.

    Poorly coded website: A poorly coded website can slow down page load times and negatively impact performance. This can be caused by factors such as unoptimized JavaScript and CSS files, excessive use of nested tables, and too many redirects.

    Lack of caching: Caching can significantly improve website performance by storing frequently accessed data in the browser's cache, so that it doesn't have to be retrieved from the server each time the page is loaded. If a website does not use caching, it can slow down page load times.

    Slow server response time: If a server takes too long to respond to a request, it can negatively impact website performance. This can be caused by factors such as too much traffic, outdated hardware, or poor server configuration.

    By identifying and addressing these technical issues, you can improve website speed and performance.
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    Poor web hosting network also affects the website speed and performance. If you own a high-traffic website but are based on a shared server then the speed gets slowed down. This can decrease the performance too.
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    If you are not uploading proper images with the correct format, This is one of the main reasons of the loading speed issue. Compress your images html/css
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    JS, CSS, Not using optimized images, too much http requests, slow server response time, no smart codes written, no caching & asynchronization facility. These are the summarize points that reduce the speed of the website.
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    Sometimes a site has too many ads which can also slow down your site's performance.
    also, images and videos are not well optimized that indirectly takes too much time to load a page
    sometimes the problem is also with a web hosting provider
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