These PPC-Networks drive me crazy!

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Hey guys,

So I got my squeeze-page ready to go and during the last days I tried out a couple of PPC-Networks. I hope you can help me.
This is my website:

I don't get it. Here is what I tried so far!

Google Adwords:
I got around $5-6 with Google per click. Can someone tell me, how is it possible to make profit through Adwords?
Let's say we have a CTR of 2% and I get $50 per sell. 100 clicks on google = $500; 2 of these clicks convert = $100 --> -$400

That is my calculation. I probably missed something.

Facebook Ads:
I want to promote products in the dating niche. Facebook does not seem to allow promoting websites with dating content on it. I tried around 5 times now with different Ads. Here is my last try:

Bing Ads:
I tried to make a deposit on their website two days ago. Still "pending". The support does not answer. I am kind of scared to make business with these guys.

Actually the only PPC-Network, where I had almost 0 problems to activate my campaign. I had some $$ left there, but I heard their traffic is absolutly horrible.

It would be awesome if you can help me out with any information. (Differnet PPC-Network I should check out, Improving my FB-Ad to make it work, any things I didn't recognize etc.)

Thanks alot in advance!
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    Adwords in your case will likely not work well.

    It works better on a subscription based service as your return over the months can cover the costs of the adverts.

    Adwords in my opinion is becoming a nightmare for small business and is pretty much owned by the larger companies willing to pay 5 to 10 per click just for brand awareness.

    It makes me sick how bad internet advertising has got.

    Maybe focus on longer tail keywords , or focus your advertising to sites like Bing or Facebook?
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    For dating offers try Plenty of Fish... Facebook doesnt like dating ads and Adwords hates affiliates. You can buying banner ad space from websites related to your niche on buysellads.
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    You might be able to get cheaper traffic with solo ads or PPV.
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    Thanks a lot guys and girls! I looked for some other keywords @google again. They rejected my Ad, because of sexual content. It was too expensive eitherway.

    I will go ahead and click myself through the pages all of you mentioned.
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    Different PPC site = Chitika. I've suggested this to a few people already and I'll carry on to. The payout is low, but it's a great PPC site.
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      Of those list of PPC Networks, I'd say aim your focus on Bing Ads and 7Search. Not sure why you weren't able to reach Bing's customer support, but they are great with high quality and less expensive traffic than Google. Also they are not as restrictive as Google. 7Search works too, but you have to filter out your ad from appearing on certain publisher websites. There's some good traffic on 7Search, especially to be a 2nd tier PPC network.

      But I would avoid Google altogether. Google is a great company overall (especially from a consumer's standpoint) but they are definitely not in favor of marketers like us. As mentioned above, they are moving towards the favor of the big companies that likes to pay ridiculous amounts of money per click just for branding purposes.

      Also if you're not a small business within a single niche, they will usually find a reason to suspend your Adwords account. My blog was perfectly compliant with their editorial guidelines, but they still found a reason to suspend my account for "reasons" they aren't allowed to share.

      Please forgive me for this rant, but you will be doing yourself a favor by avoiding Google altogether. Because even if you got approved and started becoming profitable with their traffic, they can still shut you down at any time without notice and without a "valid" reason. And it's happened to many people. People's businesses crushed just like that. Google is the biggest when it comes to traffic, but they hate affiliate marketers and bloggers. If you want traffic from Google, focus on SEO organic traffic only. Too high risk with just Adwords.

      Now onto Facebook... You can actually get ads related to dating to run on Facebook. Sometimes they see dating sites as competition (as they are a social network) but their guidelines are pretty transparent and straight forward. It will be hard to get any kind of site that's a squeeze page with vague content to be approved. Your best bet would be add more content and detail with an opt-in form on the sidebar, or have it pop up or hover in after x amount of seconds.

      And there's a lot of other 2nd tier PPC networks like Looksmart and AdMarketplace that works great for what you are trying to promote. Check out this up to date list of paid traffic sources someone recently came up with:

      Want to Truly Lean How to Become a "Super Affiliate"? See How in This FREE Video Training. -> Click Here <-

      A smart man knows his limits. A wise man knows he has none.


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    Adwords hate internet marketers go away from adwords
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    I like your angle here.

    I would be looking at banner ads on very very busy forums, using that same angle.

    You could be making $3000 a month doing that, if you test, and keep testing.
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    Stay away from Adwords with a site like this, I'd recommend giving this a shot on ppv or pof
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    Hey guys, me again with a quick review.

    1) Bing
    The support answered me today with the message, that my money needs some more days before it is deposited.

    2) PPV
    I had no idea about PPV at all. So I asked Mr Google and he told me, I should check out and I created an account and wanted to make a deposit - $1000 minimum. No comment.. Are there any good PPV sites where you do not need to be an awesome IM to get started?

    3) PlentyOfFish
    Another lovely story from yesterday. I created my account, my campaign and wanted to get some money on my account. I typed all my cc-details in the boxes and the system told me, that something is wrong (they gave me around seven different possibilities where I could choose from). I tried two times more and finally the system disabled my account due to security reasons. Okay, I sent a photo of my creditcard and my passport. Today, I woke up and wanted to check whether everything is fine now. I tried to log into my account and the system told me that my account does not exist anymore.

    4) Blogs/Forums
    I was looking for some forums and blogs in my niche and also found a couple of interesting ones. But.. how can I find out how many visitors the site has?

    The title of the thread is totally well-chosen.
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    I suggest do an affiliate program such as clickbank and pay affiliates 100% of the ebook price, yes so you won't be profiting but affiliates will be excited to promote you. (David deangelo gave 200% to affiliates on his dating ebook)

    next is up-sell your product with another product that talks about the "ultimate solution", so if 30% of your readers will buy another product, you will enjoy those profits clean.


    [B]Derrick, Affiliate Manager
    Promote the world's top Lottery Jackpots!
    skype: lottorevenues

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    Hey man, that is not the problem so far. I want to test my squeeze page to get at least 40% CTR and I am far away from promoting any awesome products (even though I have some in mind).

    But thank you eitherway!
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    For a landing page like this, better do pop-unders. Yahoo Right Media supports pop-unders.
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    On a side note I would change you background image
    Its too big and there is too much scrolling on the page
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