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Anyone have success selling web design services using PPC? Ive been trying to use telemarketing services to sell websites and it has not worked. Was thinking of trying to get into some PPC but don't know where to begin.
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    Maybe selling a domain with a (commercial) website on it, is an option. I understand they are hot currently. See https://flippa.com/starter-sites/starter-store
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    The selling of web design services is a very competitive market.

    I suggest you start small and local - help the mom and pop shops first - and grow from there.

    You're going to have a very hard time cracking into the full blown web development business by going up against the big guys.

    Carve out your area/niche.

    Localize your PPC campaigns to your location. Be able to talk to the businesses in person.
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    PPC can work for any business, selling service, building list, selling info product...You just have to do it the right way and do many test. If you don't know where to begin, you should read Perry Marshall's book first.
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    A lot of people I know visit actual businesses and even prebuild for them an example and they buy it. If you can put on a good in person presentation may be something you could use. Online competition is hard unless you know how to market
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    I run a web design business here in the UK and i get most of my work from PPC. It does work! For each £1 spent on advertising i get back £2 in revenue.

    Do some research on other local companies and the prices they offer and price your offer accordingly.

    All the best!
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    I haven't got any experience in this, but I can't think of a reason why it won't work. You can reach potential buyers quite easy.
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