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I heard about ppc, have quite knowledge, but no idea about ppv...
What is PPV??

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    PPV stands for Pay Per View. This is where you are charged every time your webpage is viewed. You can target your potential customers via keywords or a specific webpage on other websites.

    When the user visits a webpage you targeted in your campaign(this can be ANY webpage on the entire internet) or keyword, they get a pop-up or pop-under of your website(this should always be a landing page to collect at least an email address).

    It's fairly low cost per view, but usually requires a few hundred bucks to fund your account the first time.

    Hope this helps.
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    Pay per view! Their those pop ups you get when you visit a website.

    The cost per impression is pretty cheap, but like John said it costs a few hundred bucks to get into certain networks to advertise this way.

    Also it takes a little bit of time, and money to tweak campaigns this way, but once you get your targets set then your pretty much golden for a good amount of time with this method.
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        Hi alex4785,

        PPV (Pay Per View) outside the world of affiliate marketing is a payment model for pay television events.

        Within the affiliate marketing community "PPV" (and "CPV") is frequently used as a substitute term for CPI (Cost Per Impression) when a more granular payment method, based on impressions is needed. Similar to CPM (Cost Per Mille) in that you pay on a "per impression" basis.

        Note: In conventional advertising CPV (Cost Per View) is used for video views, in affiliate marketing it is the term frequently used when marketing to affiliate marketers for interstitial , popup, pop under, or pop over ad units.

        CPM is the traditional banner pricing model which is a fixed cost per thousand impressions. CPV/PPV is usually based on a cost per individual impression which allows for a more granular billing of ad units, which is needed when costs are much more expensive, or the volume of ad impressions are smaller than traditional banner advertising. In most cases those terms are used for popup ads that are delivered via adware infested computers or web browsers.
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