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Hey guys,

So, I do ppc and run everything to a landing page. But ofcourse, the display campaigns, the facebook, bing, yahoo ads, etc (all paid), there's a lot of spillage that results in organic and direct visits.

How can I properly attribute that the main website is starting to get more visitors and more form submissions and show that most of it stemmed from the paid approach?

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    Hi Yn,

    What you need is a bit of cross-channel analytics to provide the insights you are seeking.

    Google Analytics has a feature called Multi-Channel Funnels which will help you provide reports to show the attribution of cross-channel activity.

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    Improvely will also tell you the original traffic source of a visitor/conversion, no matter how many times they've come back to your site or how long has elapsed between visits. It keeps track of all those visits and creates an activity profile for every real person that uses your site.

    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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      Hi Dan,

      Yes, Improvely stores personally identifiable visitor data, which GA does not. However that is not quite the same thing as cross channel analytics, which is what the OP was asking about. I have looked at Improvely and did not see any such reports. Do you use it, and if so can you show us an example of a cross channel attribution report?

      I use Piwik for in-depth analysis of individual visitors, as Piwik reports the full history of individual visitors. Piwik is easy to setup and as an open source solution there is no cost for the software.

      To get external benchmarks, and multi-channel attribution GA works well to provide a deeper understanding of what is working. Of course there are other high-end analytics packages that do that as well or better, but GA is free and a good place to start. It will take most folks a while to fully utilize the data GA provides. Once your needs grow beyond what GA can provide you can look at the other packages.
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