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oejwarfor 9th September 2008 10:03 PM

Is This situation very Common ??
I have joined the PIPS program for coming to 5 months, and had involved the 6 streams of programs, all necessary expenses had been purchased in order to get things run, especially the Traffics, purchased for manytimes to promote my own PIPS portal but until I stop purchase traffics because I see NO RESULTS pop up. (I do not trust free traffic) For almost 2 thousand dollars has been spent, and end up the commission reports are still zero. ( only the SFI Marketing , I got the consolation price, a few dollars, less than ten have been allocated to me, Thanks SFI Marketing)

Till today I have almost 300 optin subscribers, but why no one purchase at my own portal ?
It is really unbelievable ? (Not even a ghost will say I want to buy.)
Perhaps the current world economic situation is bad and caused the people to think twice before they sign up program or maybe my luck is not there all the time.
I personally find that the system is not transparent enough, because you really don't know the genuine person who really make a purchase.

Dear senior warriors have you all encountered such situation same as me before? From which month onward then you will see your steady commission come in ?
Please drop me a few words and thank you for sharing your experiences.

Alan Ong

Jeff Casmer 9th September 2008 10:26 PM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??

What do you mean "traffics"? If you mean guaranteed visitors then that wont help as your visitors must be "targeted visitors". My suggestion is take a step back and anlayze your situation. There are ways to improve your situation and get you back on track making money.....

Take care
Jeff Casmer

tplahav 9th September 2008 10:36 PM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??
Hi Alan,
It takes time and a lot of patience and hard work to start earn money. Buying all these things may not always work, you also need to work.
We are all different and so are our results.

Set up a budget and see how much you can afford to "spend" every month on your business and cut your expanses.

You wrote you don't trust free traffic - why? this is the best traffic you can get, because these people found you, they were looking for something you have to offer and found you.

There are many free ways to make money from you online business and you should use them.

Submit articles, submit your site to link directories, blogging, social bookmarking, etc.


Patrician 9th September 2008 10:53 PM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??
Hi Alan.

I know it is easy to feel discouraged after you have spent your time and money, but you just can't let yourself go there. Use the same energy to get more determined. Try harder. Push harder. Refuse to fail.

Cut back on your expenses wherever you can and focus on the free techniques such as blogging, article marketing, forum posting and learn about search engine optimization (SEO). Use SEO on your site, and on all of your advertising copy.

The idea is to get free traffic from the search engines. As far as whatever you are referring to free traffic it could mean free traffic exchanges and surfing (which is time consuming) so you can just buy credits pretty cheaply.

Increase what you are doing - if you have 3 traffic exchanges then do 5. If you do one blog a week, do 2, etc.

You do have lots of subscribers and if you have upgraded your autoresponder you can send them broadcasts to offer something special. Like Dotcomology as a free gift or some other free ebooks.

Be consistent and aggressive. It is not so much about spending money as it is about expending energy and effort.

If you are not seeing results it means that you need to try harder, that's all. Summer is typically very slow, but summer is nearly over now and things should begin to pick up.

You are right though when things are in turmoil and the economy is not good, it does affect sales everywhere. But that doesn't mean give up. It means try harder.

I hope you will participate in this forum because you can get good advice and encouragement. We are all in the same boat together!

Asher 10th September 2008 04:05 AM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??
Hi Alan,

Wow, you paid for everything? Did you get to the understanding of how things work though... Since we're both Singaporeans. Feel free to send me a PM, I'll see if I can help you out in whatever way I can.


Matt Belock 11th September 2008 07:15 AM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??
With the way the economy is, I suggest using free forms of building your site.

I have been learning from Jeff C. Jeff S. Mal K. Ken T. Cynthia M. and Suzanne M. and they have help me so much.

Matt Helphrey 11th September 2008 03:55 PM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??
I don't think I can say anymore than what everyone else has said.

Reevaluate your marketing plan and work hard to make it work. If you truly believe that you can't make money with PIPS, then you wont.

"Whether you think you can or cannot, either way you are right"- Henry Ford


dang 12th September 2008 05:08 PM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??
After spending a pretty few bucks on paid promotion I finally decided to focus on free strategies. I found article marketing the way to go for now. I write 1-2 articles a day and I have already noticed the traffic increase.
It all takes a time but I think it's worth to give it a chance.


Tim45 12th September 2008 08:31 PM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??
Hi Alan, hope you are feeling better after reading the post above...I know I do. Just compare the pips business to a brick and mortar business.
Think about it for a minute. If you were to open, let say a carryout, what would you have to do first. You'd have to find a location, you have to do a survey of the area to see if it is suitable for a carryout business. you'd most likely have to pay someone to do the survey for you, you have to see if there is a liquor license available, you'd have to put down a deposit to secure a location then you have to pay the first months rent then you'd have to buy equipment like coolers, shelving, lights, freezers etc, then you'd have to stock the store with about 10 to 20,000 dollars worth of food, liquor, cigarettes etc. OK that's not all but I think you get the point.
It takes years to make enough profit to pay all the expenses.

Trust me, I know first hand what it takes to start a brick and mortar business.
Personally, I'd spend 2,000 on the pips business any day over that.

Marige 13th September 2008 08:37 AM

Re: Is This situation very Common ??

Eight simple words: Daily Tabbed Browsing in traffic Exchanges and Safelists.

Do each for at least 1 hour per day and you should enjoy the kind of success you are looking for.


1. Join at least 10-15 TEs (for free)
2. Join at least 15-20 safelists (credit-based only, also free)

Once those are set up, click-click-click. Daily.

And never, ever pay for advertising again.


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