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cfriesen 28th July 2009 04:43 PM

HTTP 405 error on newsletter subscribe?

I was working on creating a new web form subscription using Get Response and when I tested it out I got a "HTTP 405 error Method not Found" when redirecting to the pluginthanks.html page.

Note that the subscription is still registered but instead of going to the confirmation URL they get an error page which obviously does not instill confidence.

So I went to the home page provided with my PIPS setup, tested the newsletter signup and there it did the same thing!

I contacted Host4Profit and the response was that you can't do a POST back to a (URL pluginthanks.html)

So on the Web form setup in GR I removed the 'Confirmation URL' that I'd inserted and then received the new code. This time the form worked fine except that now I have GetResponse's default "confirmation" instead of my own.

But the real reason I wrote this post is that I wonder if other standard PIPS newsletter forms will experience the same glitch or was mine somehow an anomoly? (although I have not altered the form at all so it must be how it was set up)

Is this a small bug in the GetResponse web form code? I have submitted a ticket so we shall see.

Any others have feedback? Tested your newsletter since GR went to the new system?

Patrician 28th July 2009 06:24 PM

Re: HTTP 405 error on newsletter subscribe?
Log in to Getresponse account

Go to


- Contact settings

- -Page personalization

** Passing Contacts details

>>>> Click Radio button to Pass contact info via http get

This is now being set by default on new accounts so there should be no problems with accounts set up after about the 23rd of July.

We are also setting the sales page as the confirmation URL by default, and I advise you to go back and put your sales page in the confirmation URL to avoid other newsletter ads on Getresponse confirmation page.

Host4Profit would have nothing to do with your autoresponder or your PIPS site - they are the host and domain registrar.

The best place to start is the PIPS helpdesk so that I can direct you to the correct resource or fix the problem for you.

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