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zhuuraan 3rd August 2009 02:25 PM

Back at work now!
Hey guys! I finally got my new computer up and running quite smoothly. This will allow me to now pursue more work on both customizing my PIPS site as well as adding content to my personal site.

Just for fun if you're a Deal or no Deal fan, I will be starting a podcast of the game, in which I will host a flash game played over skype and have volunteer contestants. Most of the contestants will be my blind friends who are unable to play flash based games, but I will need more contestants, and anyway it's more for fun, so if you need a break from your power posting or SEO optimizing or whatever, feel free to download the podcasts when they are posted.

Anyway though, my changes to the PIPS site may not be too obvious over the next little while, but I am optimizing for new keywords and completely redoing my site from scratch. I'm confident that I know enough code to make a decent looking site, and a lot of the code from the original is transferable, like the newsletter sign-up stuff. I will probably just change the text of that for my keywords.

Anyway, once it's done I'll change the anchor text of my signature on here so the backlinks are done correctly.

I'm trying to make the site look semi-professional, but not overly professional for two reasons.

1. I am not what I'd call a professional, at least not yet.
2. I want to make the site look like it was done by an ordinary person, so that visitors to the site see it and think it is something they can do, rather than making it look really fancy and difficult for the average person.

However, when I get my site up, I may ask some of you guys, especially you pros, but even some of the newbies, to check out my site and see if it both conveys the message I'd like it to, as well as looking okay, since I am visually impaired. I have some site, but my color vision is pretty well shot, so for things like my logo and stuff I'm working on, I'm pretty much just using RGB code charts to know the colors of my stuff.

Anyway, long rant and I need to start getting my site going some more. I've got the title and meta tags, now on to the logo and newsletter stuff, and then the affiliate programs.

This should be interesting making it myself, and seeing how it goes. I hope my version of the site ends up okay.

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