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Gary Mader 12th September 2008 01:21 PM

Possible Blog removal
My question is this
I have a Blog attached to my PIPS site that was started before I joined PIPS, how do I remove it from my PIPS site? I don't post to it on a regular basis and usually when I do it is about whatever is on my mind at that particular time. Although I still try to slide my PIPS web site into it somewhere. So the question is should I remove it and if so how? It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as most of what I have seen, and I don't know how to add all of the extras to make it interesting.

Akitoye 12th September 2008 04:56 PM

Re: Possible Blog removal

Be patient and learn the technique of adding and removing Blog posts.

I hope experts will advice you on this.

Kym Robinson 12th September 2008 05:15 PM

Re: Possible Blog removal
Hello Gary

Dont you know that your blog can be one of your absolute best tools to help your business grow?
I think you should keep it and start posting more regularly!
Do some keyword research and target these relevant keywords in your posts!
Your blog pages will be indexed faster than your static site pages so posting to your blog every day if you can makes very good sense! (I blog almost every day!)

What blog platform are you on?
If it is wordpress - thats great (because I can help...some!) but the easiest way to find out about anything wordpress is to go to Houdy's site at: WordPress Max|WordPress Guides For The Geek Impaired and benefit from all his videos and guides!
If you're on blogger (or any other for that matter) - Im sorry I cant help you -but Im sure someone will be along shortly who can!

Blogging has become a key part of my promotion and backlink strategy and I strongly advise you to move forward with it! - NOT get rid of it - but if you really want to and your're on WP Houdy will have a guide on it.

If WP you can easily add widgets etc to make it more interesting and add features etc - and if you cant manage or dont want to Houdy is available to help you!

In the beginning I ssssoooooooooooooooo didnt want to blog - but I got over it and then attempted to sort out and customize my blog that Ken Troyer had very nicely installed for me - well to cut the story short - I did an OK job but stuffed a few things as well! With help from wordpressmax guides and videos and the man himself - my blog is now awesum (if I do say so myself....lol) and I can easily edit and manage by myself!
(Check out my blog link in my sig!)

Please dont give up on your blogging!
I am a true convert - from someone who hated even the idea - to someone reaping the rewards and benefits of targeted keyword blogging.

SSSSSSSoooooooooooo I'll shut up now cause Im sure you see my point and this post is getting so long - I could make an article out of it.......mmmmm.....now there's and idea!
Good Luck

Asher 13th September 2008 12:44 AM

Re: Possible Blog removal
Removing the link to your blog from your PIPS site is easily done.

Thing is, like what Kym stated, having a blog can be very beneficial
to your PIPS site.

Then again, it depends on what you want to achieve.

All the best!

Dele 13th September 2008 12:45 AM

Re: Possible Blog removal
Hi Gary,

From what I gather in your post, you are actually concerned in removing your blog from your site because it does not contain relevant content. I will agree with that because to maintain a focus for your blog, it must significantly contain relevant content.

However, I agree with kym that blogging is a "sine qua non" for traffic, backlinks, exposure etc and should be maintained but with significantly relevant content. Few personal/irrelevant content here and there will do but when this is excessive as I guess yours is, then it will not serve the purpose you want in this case.

I therefore advise that when you delete the current blog, you begin another one, now with significantly relevant content. Another alternative is to leave your current blog as it is and create a new one where you now direct your home business customers and it is this new blog link that you should now henceforth use.

If you choose to delete the current blog, just go into your WebePanel and go to "file manager" and identify the directory "blog" or under whatever name you have your blog and click the "X" icon in red to permanently delete your current blog from your site/domain.

As to adding the "bells and whistles", that has to be learnt either formally or informally and if you are relatively new, it is nothing to worry about for now, as you will catch up gradually on how to do this.

Gary Mader 19th September 2008 10:01 AM

Re: Possible Blog removal
Thanks for the input on this matter. I will keep the blog and try to add to it on a more regular basis. It is always better to see things through the eyes of others.
Thanks again; Gary

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