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Patrician 12th November 2009 11:51 AM

Bing's Better Results - Moving Up on Google
Microsoft's search engine Bing is looking to close the wide gap with Google. Bing will now pull more information and tools from other Web sites into its search results instead of offering links to other sites.

For example, results pages will include information such as travel options, in-depth weather reports and product details. Bing will also be able to solve math problems and search for nutritional information. The improvements will begin to appear in the next few days.

Video: Bing to Compete With Google? - ABC News

Reference: TechBytes: Bing's Better Results - ABC News

judsonsolomon 13th November 2009 01:27 AM

Re: Bing's Better Results - Moving Up on Google
Thanks Pat

We should keep watching Bing all the time since it is the like potential competitor to Google.

Thanks for the info.

Patrician 13th November 2009 01:40 AM

Re: Bing's Better Results - Moving Up on Google
Yes, I am not comfortable with a fascist dictator monopoly.

It is a little scary that a handful of robots and some customer service people can tell you your business or your content 'has no value' and then just dismiss you out of hand and make it difficult for you to survive, let alone succeed..

This is one reason they say competition is healthy. When you have it, you have more the atmosphere of trying harder to please the customer.

Alan Mater 13th November 2009 10:01 AM

Re: Bing's Better Results - Moving Up on Google
I'm personally not a fan. Don't get me wrong... competition is good as you said, Pat. But, when it comes to rankings, Bing appears to be more user-manipulated. That's what Google is getting away from, and one thing that I actually agree on.

Plus, I rank much higher in Google for my keywords than I do on Bing. Not to mention Google is still the top search engine. Maybe times will change, and if Bing does become the number one search engine, then I'll adjust my strategy accordingly.

Also, I'm not sure how showing travel options, in-depth weather reports, product details, solving math problems and providing search for nutritional information equals a better search engine. I thought the focus of a search engine was to provide relevant results for a particular search, not adding a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles.

I'm not trying to be negative here by any means. I'm only looking at things subjectively. In all honesty, if Bing could provide better results than Google, then I feel there would be some real competition, and I wouldn't mind one bit. I think that would be a really good thing as Google shouldn't be the be all end all of search engines. Until then, though, Google is still king.

Patrician 13th November 2009 12:18 PM

Re: Bing's Better Results - Moving Up on Google
I hear you Alan. Bing is brand new and I am actually a little surprised it is doing as well as they say it is. (because of how lackluster MSN search engine turned out)

I haven't done much research as you have (not marketing for a long time now and my sites are a complete embarassment - total mess)

...all I know is I like the idea that there is more than one option and not being required to bow down to Google or any single 'demigod' who controls my fate.

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