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judsonsolomon 13th December 2009 04:20 AM

Purchasing Targeted Traffic? Beware
Do you used to purchase targeted traffic packages?

-10,000, 25,000, 30,000, ect......... targeted visiter.

How is the conversion rate? 1% or 2%??? If so I may be wrong for posting this thread. You have invested to the right thing.

If conversion rate is below 1%, that is 2, 3 or 4 visiters are subscribe to your list or purchase anything.....then I would love to say stop it now.

Here is the truth.

There are basically one thing you need to consider when you think about traffic targeting. One is where the traffic comes from and the other is how the visitors are "chosen" to see your site. You may not know this, but many companies will try to fool you into thinking visitors are coming to your site by putting your site in a mini frame with a hundred others, using a script to generate hit after hit, etc. Try asking the competition where the visitors come from, I bet they won't tell you. http://www.targetwebvisitors.com/

Trent Brownrigg 14th December 2009 12:16 PM

Re: Purchasing Targeted Traffic? Beware
Purchasing traffic like that is a waste of money. I would bet that 99% of the time you get absolutely nothing out of it. I've never heard a real success story from anyone who has purchased traffic in bulk like that.

I actually did it once myself just to test it out so I could know for sure if it was worth it or not... I purchased a package that was supposed to give me 50,000 real visitors... I never got a single opt-in or sale or anything else from it. Completely worthless!

dmayor 23rd December 2009 12:38 PM

Re: Purchasing Targeted Traffic? Beware
I have had no luck so far with purchased targeted traffic. I purchased 10,000 hits. Have had 860 hits as of today and not 1 opt in at all.

Marine 25th December 2009 01:14 AM

Re: Purchasing Targeted Traffic? Beware
Merry Christmas

The only good thing that buying traffic will do is to boost your Alexa rating.
If you want to do that, be sure that you have control over how many
visits a day you can have. The reason for that is if you buy 50,000
visits and they run them through in a month, you would get over
1600 hits a day, and that wouldn't help your Alexa rating any.

If you average about 40-60 visits a day without buying traffic and your
Alexa is 200k-400k, if you buy 50,000 hits and set them at 50-100 a day
for a few month at first then increase that to 125-150 a day, it will take you
several months to get all of them, which makes it look like a natural

That is something Google likes to see, so your PR may go up.

You just might get some PR4 and PR5 sites wanting to exchange links with

If you decide to pay for some SEO work to be done for you, be aware that
some so called SEO Experts may be doing the same thing.

So now is buying traffic a good thing or a bad thing :) I think its all how
you look at ii.


Neil Adams
PIP # 185

judsonsolomon 25th December 2009 11:03 AM

Re: Purchasing Targeted Traffic? Beware
Hi Marine

Thanks for posting and Merry Christmas to you too.

As you said, I agree that buying traffic is good in term of SEO purpose-Page Rank, Alexa rating, and etc.

Since this thread is focusing on Targeted Traffic, I would have to repeat that pruchasing targeted traffic is just a waste of time and money. So far no system or company can offer targeted traffic that generate significant sales or conversions AS THEY PROMISE. I believe nobody want Targeted Traffic that generate NO significant sales or conversions but only for SEO purpose.

There are a couple of Targeted Traffic system out online that many are successfuly making it to get what they want within a short period of time. Some systems are expensive while some are inexpensive....but they all come with the price PLUS tremendous amount of hard work from individual. So the point is you have to invest both your money and your energy to get faster result. By the way, some systems are good for both Targeted Traffic and SEO purpose but some may not.

Of course there are FREE methods to get you both Targeted Traffic and good for SEO purpose such as article marketing, forum and blog posting, RSS feed,...you name it. These methods are FREE but it take some time and it requires tremendous amount of hard work too.

My poinit is whichever method you choose, you will have to work harder to get what you want. Of course, you may want to outsource of invest the money to it.....then hoplefully you will get faster result.

judsonsolomon 27th December 2009 10:23 AM

Re: Purchasing Targeted Traffic? Beware
Hi PIPSter

2009 is going to an end soon. Before you move on to 2010, just want to make sure again that you all are aware of buying targeted traffic.

Do not be fooled by those traffic sellers promising thousands of hits an hour. What they really do is load up your URL in a program, along with a list of proxies. Then they run the program for a few hours. It looks like someone is on your site because your logs show visitors from thousands of different IPs. What happens in reality is your website is just pinged by the proxy, no one really sees your site. It is a waste of money.

May you all have a blessed year ahead.

Late Merry Christmas and blessed NEW YEAR!

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