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mjcarpe 29th September 2008 10:56 AM

Call me crazy,but I have been checking out a lot of the posts here and websites of those who make those posts. It seems like I'm seeing "doubletalk" here. I see people say that building a buisiness takes a lot of time, yet check your websites folks. YOur sites are saying make money tomorrow or next week. Not trying to be a jerk but c'mon, if you sell it by saying you can make money tommorrow, then say here it takes months or years, what is that about?

Graham Maddison 29th September 2008 11:04 AM

Re: confused
No one in the Plug In Profit Site should expect to become rich overnight. There are many posts to support that in the warrior forum and any business online, takes time to develop. As for the website itself, it is down to the owners to ensure they portray an honest opportunity and if you research more fully, I am sure you will find this to be the case.

Check my site if you wish.


mjcarpe 29th September 2008 11:14 AM

Re: confused
Graham, thanks for the reply. You say it on the front page, your an honest man. I will not mention names but I have seen over 20 sites here tha say make this or that amount in 24 hrs, or 2 days or one week. I just think it's better to be honest. If someone buys under those conditions, they will expect it to be true.

Jeff Casmer 29th September 2008 11:23 AM

Re: confused

Its a good post there and Graham gave you a good answer. There is no question you will get "double talk" here or in any forum. I am not sure "double talk" is the right word but....

If you are a new PIPS owner.....the "general" facts are this..this isnt an exact science and I have no idea how diligent or hard working
you or anyone who is a new person to PIPS is.......I am speaking from my personal experience being a member here for several years....

1) Its possible you can make money in your 1st week or 30 days...highly unlikely unless you have some online business experience but possible....it takes time to learn the training of the 30 days to success, the PPG, or any other training device that you will utilize. You must put forth a great amount of effort...

2) The chances of you making money in 3-6 months are much greater if you are using sound online business principles and not buying everything you see because its "recommended". Just because its recommended or endorsed doesnt mean it will work for you....splashing a bunch of money on your business doesnt mean your making money. Make good sounds business decisions and there are many inexpensive and free ways to market and promote your business.

Good luck with your new business!

Take care
Jeff Casmer

mjcarpe 29th September 2008 11:45 AM

Re: confused
Thanks for the reply Jeff. And happy to say,after a quick peek at your sites I don't see you advertising making money overnight.

Dele 29th September 2008 12:19 PM

Re: confused

My comment will be in two parts.

Firstly, I think people ultimately always end up getting what they desire. I am quite happy that within a few minutes of your post, you confirmed Graham's website did not show such ad. While still on the lookout for ads to respond to, prospects actually do come accross "honest" sites but click away from such sites very fast since it levelled with them that it would involve some work and time.

Even where prospects see "money-making site setup FREE within 24 hours", because their inner mind wants money within 24 hours, what they actually end up believing to have seen is "money within 24 hours".

A lot of webmasters have thus come to realise that the vast majority of entrants into home business are looking for get rich quick schemes and advertise it as such in a bid to just get subscribers at all cost. I am not holding brief for such webmasters but only saying the prospects are equally to blame.

I get to hear for example that the leads generation rate from GetSubscribers is too slow and so a lot of people shy away from using it. Meanwhile, when they end up getting "fake" leads very fast from other sources, they equally complain. You really "cannot have your cake and eat it".

Some people would rather gather a list into multiple thousands with very low quality/conversions subsequently, rather than take the time to gather quality leads even though they knew from the outset.

Others even still using GetResponse will place very sensational ads all in a bid to attract subscribers at all cost only to end up with thousands of low quality subscribers list. They also knew the implication of their actions from the outset.

Meanwhile, it should be realised that we are all webmasters with different levels of ethical standards individually and so such "playing to the gallery" by some webmasters should not come as a surprise.

Even where the program is difficult to go through, some webmasters/uplines having a sense of commitment, will do all in their power to assist their subscribers to achieve success while others will not.

In summary, it is incumbent on the prospect to identify the webmaster who is being honest and be prepared to accept the honesty and face reality. Until this happens in large scale, such occurences will continue.

On the other hand(second part), some people (though few) do actually start making sales and profit quite early. This does depend on many variables amongst which are
-previous experience in home business/online business
-level of education/general knowledge
-time available to devote to the home business
-funds available to help jumpstart the home business
-availability and quality of mentor or upline.

mjcarpe 30th September 2008 10:30 AM

Re: confused

Interesting thoughts, thankyou for those thoughts. Your absolutly right on both counts. I started this thread because, I like many others have had a very bad experience with such things. Needless to say, PIPS seems to be a great progam so far. I feel what makes it so good is the support offered,and this forum. After just 3 days with pips,I'm farther ahead than I was with several months and a lot of money with the other program. The support just wasn't there,and the training was full of filler. They offer a lot of good info, but, going through 5 pages of filler to get a paragragh of good info, with no one to talk to except a computer voice that tells you the info you need is on the web site somewhere. lol

So, to me this website and forum awesome,
Hope your doing well, and thanks for your input

Dele 30th September 2008 11:50 AM

Re: confused
Hi mjcarpe,

Glad to see you are taking things in your stride.

No doubt, succeeding in internet marketing is not easy but I tell you, this is one of the best training grounds on the net for success. No matter how difficult things get, at least you always have a fall back to many willing folks to clarify any "grey" areas and an efficient and knowledgeable help desk.

To me, support and training are the most important considerations in any program and PIPS sure got this.

The important thing is just not to overspend and assume you are in for a marathon rather than a sprint. If you keep asking here, a lot of free tools to succeed abound. In fact, you can reasonably manage with just your hosting and autoresponder for quite a while until you see success in the horizon.

Statistics don't lie and it reveals 3-5 % of those who venture into internet marketing succeed. One would only thus be deceiving oneself to expect it to be childsplay. Some just get lucky and make some quick cash but this can not be consistent without thorough training which grounds you as a "total internet marketer" who can hold his own anywhere on the net.

Forget whatever information you had been given before(false or correct) and take the attitude that if some people succeed, why can't you.

It is like a church song which says you will not leave God's presence until he decides to bless you, so take the same attitude that it is either you succeed or you succeed. Ain't no other option but success.

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