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fisker 4th January 2010 11:13 AM


Maybe this is only on my site. I have submitted a ticket but just wanted to tell everyone here.

This is my PIPs site id - http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-28532

I was told in my daily tutorial some where to send all the traffic here I remember.

Now at the beginning when you land up on the page there is a sign up box for the mini course. When I signed up using a different mail id I received a welcome email not from my auto responder but from Stone's auto responder.

I immediately login to my getresponse.com account to check if my mail id is in my downline there but wasnt.

I was just checking everything before starting the actual thing and have been testing everything from hostgator cpanel my aff links, getresponse account and various aff programs I have joined to know how everything works so when I have learned the stuff I can duplicate it to increase my earnings.

I also saw that on my thanks page there are adverts of reverse funnel sytem and lawn chair program that we are not supposed to be promoting.

Now i am going to check all the pages like thanks page and newsletter pages everywhere to see where it goes. Its a tedious task but must be done.

Please check all the links and logins and everything you have been given to make sure everything works fine.


judsonsolomon 4th January 2010 11:55 AM

Re: Serious flaw - Pls check all pips members
Your are right Fisker

There is flaw on PIPS site too.

My PIPS page http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-27388 also experience the same as you have mentioned.

Fortunately my news letter page did not effected as it was not by default as I had customized it myself.

Thanks. Hope that Stone will correct it all as soon as possible. Otherwise misunderstanding and confusion will arise.

fisker 4th January 2010 01:14 PM

Re: Serious flaw - Pls check all pips members
Imagine all those traffic that came to our site because of the promotion we did. Also most users from would go to the PIPs site after visiting our home page that is the main site we registered in our name.

Fortunately I havent started yet.

Patrician 4th January 2010 01:21 PM

Re: Serious flaw - Pls check all pips members
This is not a flaw.

You have two subscription forms on your website and they both go directly to you.

On the sales page, you have two subscription forms.

One for the Mini Course which Stone sends ON YOUR BEHALF. It is sent with your links and if there is a sale made you get full credit for it.

The second form goes direct to you.

Here is Stone's explanation for his decision to do this.

To your question...

The bottom line is that the PIPS sales page is more effective when I follow-up with prospects personally by email through the mini-course.

This follow-up is done on your behalf to help you make more PIPS sales.

As a PIPS affiliate, you are using my success story, reputation and selling skills to help you make more sales. If you don't want my assistance with helping you make more sales, simply don't promote the PIPS sales page.

Those that do promote the PIPS sales page effectively also build their list through the opt-in form located just after the section of the page that says:

... Take A Sneak Peek At The Power Of This
Automated, Moneymaking System Yourself!

I would argue that the PIPS sales page actually builds your list more effectively than most other opt-in forms you could setup even if that were the only thing on the page.

The people who subscribe to your list at that point on the page are more serious prospects who have taken the time to express a sincere interest.

But the primary purpose of the PIPS sales page is ultimately to enroll your prospects in the core PIPS affiliate programs under you.

After many years of testing which methods work best for accomplishing this goal, the current format is what has worked best.

Those that know that value of the PIPS sales page and promote it effectively are also the top earning affiliates in each of the core PIPS affiliate programs. This is what counts most in my book.



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