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As many of you know and some do not, the traditional methods of promoting do not always work.

I see alot of people are trying to enter the GDI market without any new twists to there marketing tactics.

Let me share what I have done , some might find this to daunting or to much work for $1 , so bare with me a few minutes.

Creativity is the key when trying to make a living online, such as using other factors in the equation .

Is GDI , worth the trouble for $1 , is creating a website for a local business and hosting it worth $1.

How about now if we combined the power of both ? The following is my scenario and how I put GDI to work.

If there are small businesses in your area and ( I know there are) without websites , the chances are they have been scared by the high prices and hosting fees.

And on my end, I do want to charge people every 30 days for my services....

so now you got a idea where i am coming from, here is how it works.

( Attention: You must have a reseller account for this method, but look at the money you have saved from not being a host4profit customer now, that will cover your hosgator reseller fee and being a internet marketer, that is the way to go )

Create a site using your FREE Templates ( that you get for being a reseller , over 5, 000 different ones for all niches )for the business in question and create it on a test directory of your domain.

Show the business there brand new website.

Inform the business in question that it is only going to cost $10 per month and give them your GDI reseller link to sign up.

Of course your also going to explain the added benefit of GDI, so basically they only need 10 customers to have a free website and the etc

Now most business owners are connected and they are business now if they get there 10 then you are getting $11 per month for your website. Thats if they only get 10.

Not only are you providing a service for the business owner but you are providing him a new business adventure as a added benefit for getting hosting from you.

It even gets better , on all these customer websites, you are going to have a small square banner for GDI , nothing like free advertisement, but it will be behooving both of you, he will get the sign ups because it will be for the business owners link and you still will get $1

And who do you think these business owners are going to refer for there hosting and websites...thats right...YOU

If your not a GDI member then i encourage you to join someone who can see above $1

shameless plugs are against Warrior Forum rules and were removed by moderator.

PM Jeff if interested in discussing this article.

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