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JennyZ 24th June 2011 10:27 PM

Having Trouble with EZPZ backup

I'm having trouble downloading the EZPZ back to my WP and I've switched to Firefox. So this is what's happening. I start the steps as Darrin suggested, and make sure "Term" is selected then type in "ezpz", but it won't pull up anything now?
Would this have anything to do with me dumping it out of my WP earlier today before switching to Firefox from Internet Explorer?

Thanks anyone for any suggestions.

JennyZ 25th June 2011 04:55 PM

Re: Having Trouble with EZPZ backup
Okay, now I'm getting a little confused myself! I sent a ticket to PIPS support asking about the issue I am having with EZPZ ONE Click BACKUP, and I'm not sure if I actually got an answer back from Pat, it just didn't sound like you Pat? Your response was you never heard of EZPZ? On the pipsitehelp.com
Darrin recommends this for installing as a backup for your WP Blog. He also shows a video on how to do just this on his YouTube channel! I installed and used this backup before I switched to Firefox and it worked like a Gem. After my Design Templates and Mega Site Service was installed by Darrin and his service,which I really am happy of the great job he did with all this, I no longer could use the EZPZ One Click Backup, and when I clicked on it to do another backup, it took me to a big blank page that said nothing, except a few words at the Left top of the page that said, "switch to FireFox/Safari." I switched to Firefox, and then could not even and still can't even pull it up in the search box in my WP, nor anywhere else for that matter! Now I know I am not imagining That!
Pat if you're around today can you please help clear this up for me?
Thank you!

Patrician 25th June 2011 05:25 PM

Re: Having Trouble with EZPZ backup
Jenny - I responded to your Helpdesk ticket again.

Darrin is a private contractor. You need to contact him for anything about his services, videos or applications. It is not within the scope of what I can offer assistance with.


Sorry I do not know how to help you on this one other than to suggest maybe if you clear your cache in all your browsers and reboot your PC it will work again.


Please try to refresh your browser (F5 on your keyboard) and if that doesn't work, then clear your cache and check your PC clock.


You may need to clear your cache and then try again.

In Internet Explorer from the Tools Menu:

* Internet Options/General/Browsing History
-- Delete
-- Cookies/Temporary Files/History

In FireFox, Tools Menu:

Clear Recent History
Check Cookies and Cache
Click Clear

In Chrome:

* Tool bar - on the right corner an icon that looks like a wrench:
- Options
- Clear Browsing Data


You may also need to reboot your computer now.

(You should do these things on a regular basis - weekly or so)


PC Clock

Check you PC clock time and date to make sure they are correct. (In Windows this is in the Control Panel under ‘Date and Time’)

If it still doesn't work, and you are not in the USA, try to set the clock to US Eastern time when you have problems on the internet. The time difference can cause you not to be able to connect to some websites.



Other suggestions:

Check Security/Privacy in Windows and any 3rd Party Security you have on your system, particularly with regard to advertisements if you are having a problem with sites displaying or your graphics/banners not displaying. You could have it set not to show any or even your own advertisements!



One thing that may help is if you do not use the browser from your internet service provider; only use it to log on to the internet and then minimize* the browser. Open up Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. and use that for anything you are doing on the internet. *Minimize is the little minus sign icon at the top right corner of your browser - this puts the open window down on your status bar so you can jump back and forth between browsers.

Also be sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer, (you can go to Microsoft Update and see what the latest version is by searching on ‘internet explorer’ there. (check your version in the Help menu under ‘About Internet Explorer’.

You may also try to use Mozilla FireFox browser instead of Internet Explorer. Download Mozilla FireFox from Mozilla.com (free download) – again be sure you have the latest version for best results.


Fire Fox No Script Add on

If you are using FireFox - the NoScript add-on will cause you not to be able to enter a website that it is blocking (it won't let you save, click or type anything or all of the above)

- if you see the S at the bottom right corner of your browser with a red line across the S - just right click there and 'temporarily allow this page'.

Then try it again.
If you are still having a problem please clear your cache.


Security Settings

Add the site domain - pluginprofitsite.com - your website or the afifliate progams to your 'trusted sites' settings in Windows/Internet Options/Security - (again this can also be done from Internet Explorer)

As well, if you have 3rdparty security like McAfee or Norton or anti-spyware, etc., add the domains to those programs where you are 'trusting' the sites.

This is a likely reason - Check to see if you have a setting in your security software that says not to display advertisements on sites that you visit. Banners are advertisements – if there is an ad on any page –


Registry Cleaner

Go to http://www.ccleaner.com and download the free registry cleaner tool. Run this tool if nothing above helps and then reboot your computer.

You should also run this at least every few weeks to a month depending on how active you are on your computer/internet.
the page may not display or operate.


Down Under etc.

Because Australia and surrounding areas are sometimes literally on a different day than in the US, this can cause some websites at times to not display. The trick here is to set your PC clock to US Eastern Standard time. This sounds silly, but it does work for our Australian members. Just a thought...

JennyZ 25th June 2011 06:17 PM

Re: Having Trouble with EZPZ backup
Okay thank you Pat, sorry, I thought you may have known something about this since Darrins site was called pipsitehelp.com :-) I just switched back to Internet Explorer and I will just have to use a different backup system. This is all wonderful tips, thank you so much you're always so helpful even when you say you can't help :) You still helped! Alot!
I hope it's okay if I post that EZPZ thing here.
Maybe someone else may be able to use it!
YouTube - ‪pipsitehelp's Channel‬‏
Thanks again Pat, I'll go read my email now...lol!

wordofmouthmagic 27th April 2012 08:04 PM

Re: Having Trouble with EZPZ backup
On the EZPZ site 2012-04-27:

"I apologize but due to various reasons there will be no new versions released or further support for EZPZ OCB in the foreseeable future. "

Vale EZPZ.

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