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Unread 17th Aug 2011, 11:21 PM   #1
Coach Gom
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Question About GDI Domain and Site Builder
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I recently quit GDI for the reason I am confused or not confident representing it to my prospects. That's me, when I don't feel good with a certain program, I don't hesitate quitting, I left some referrals and commissions there, but I don't care. My reputation with my prospects is more important than those commissions left behind.

The reason I left: I don't see value in it. I registered with them domain, for the purpose of using in URL forwarding, thinking my visitors will be forwarded to my PIPS sales page.

I am confused and I need some advice. I discovered, the moment I use that domain to redirect traffic to my PIPS sales page, if I have prospects for my GDI business, where will I send them now?

Another thing, if I use GDI's sitebuilder and install wordpress on it. Then it will become a wordpress site, with as domain. Now, what happen to my visitors if they want to check out GDI opportunity? where will they be led to? GDI affiliate page, or to my newly created blog with GDI?

Now, some people here might say, "Just simply grab the opportunity and refer people to your GDI username and make money, never mind GDI product (domain and site builder)". Well, that's what I did in the past and made some money. But I want more value. I want to clarify how can I promote GDI opportunity while at the same time show to my downline affiliates how I am able to use its products separately (separate from the income opportunity).

Can you help me with this? Is there anyone here who can make things clear? I have searched the web about this (even GDI forum) but got no clear explanation on this. So, now, I think it would be better if I will ask people here in WF.

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Unread 18th Aug 2011, 12:22 AM   #2
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Re: Question About GDI Domain and Site Builder
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What I always recommend is keep your GDI domain for your GDI business.

Keep your PIPS domain for your PIPS business.

There is a lot of confusion unless you just keep it straight like that.

The main idea of PIPS is to have multiple streams of income on ONE website and by making ONE effort to promote PIPS you promote ALL your programs with ONE effort.

When you get that down pat, then you may want to also specialize in certain programs, GDI, SFI or whatever and those you can ALSO promote separately.

In any case a domain name such as .ws will always be more professional than a gnarly affiliate link like or whatever -

I like the idea of promoting the products that the affiliate programs have IN ADDITION to selling the business opportunity. You give yourself much more ability to earn money - and there you go -- a multiple stream right in one place - site builder, domains, business opportunity.

In the case of the PIPS sales page we do not recommend anything but the GDI affiliate program or even accept domains registered with GDI anymore for your PIPS website - all that we recommend is the business opportunity and that is all that is involved in signing up for GDI as part of the PIPS core program.

If you take it beyond that to fully embrace the GDI system then good on you - but keep it separate, IMHO.

Patricia Brucoli
Plug-In Profit Site Helpdesk
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