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Graham Maddison 24th January 2009 09:10 AM

inactivity costs
I just thought I'd share with you, that my website has dropped from page 1 to page 30 on google for my keywords "make this your home business" but is still on page 1 for "The key to success in affiliate marketing"

My blog has dropped to page 5.

I put this down to my recent unavoidable period of inactivity.

It just goes to prove that you do need to keep working at your business to succeed.

Never mind, it was to be expected, but I'll be back on page 1 within a week :D


Stephen Meyer 24th January 2009 09:24 AM

Re: inactivity costs
Hi Graham, it's funny because I was thinking about this subject this morning. My first website www.itcanhappen4u2.com can't even be found for my intended keywords. I haven't worked it in 2-3 months. With 4 blogs and two new Joomla sites time is getting rare.

Strangly I am getting an average of 50 visitors a day and almost all from Google. The rest come from the other search engines. Even more strangely I get 2-5 signups to my autoresponder a day. Made me think I need to promote it at-least a little. But I am going to promote it differently. Instead of using my chosen keywords I am going to use the keywords Google is sending visitors from. Monopolizing on what is working might be smarter than trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

Maybe I will sell this site?


Patrician 24th January 2009 02:30 PM

Re: inactivity costs
Wherever you have been Graham, I am glad you are back.

Yes 'you snooze, you lose' is a true thing when it comes to promoting a site (I am sure you were not sleeping but you get the drift) - sometimes we can't help it.

Just keep up the good work and determination and you will be Numero Uno again soon!


tplahav 24th January 2009 11:25 PM

Re: inactivity costs
Hi Graham,
you are so right, I see it happening to my site to.
I hardly work the last month and the visitor count to my website dropped.
I checked my rankings and for some keywords my website went from 1 page to page 2 or 3. Some keywords are still on page 1.

Your ideas is right and it will work. I did it with my website, and it worked like magic!


GT 25th January 2009 12:03 AM

Re: inactivity costs
Thanks for the advice and the inspiring suggestions, everyone!

I guess that old saying is true: You can never stand still. If you aren't moving forward you are moving backward.

GT :)

hirohurl 25th January 2009 04:09 AM

Re: inactivity costs
Hi Graham,

Good to see you again. I'm sure you will quickly get your site back to where it was... and beyond!

I'll be dropping out of activity for a couple of weeks in Feb. I hope to keep up an appearance of activity by loading SubmitYourArticle with several articles and have set it up so they "trickle" out while I am away.

Best wishes,


talfighel 25th January 2009 01:13 PM

Re: inactivity costs
It just shows you that you need to consistently work on your site and get new updates on it all the time.

Also, you can not sit back and think about getting free traffic from Google. If your site is a the top, there is no guaratee that you will stay there forever.


Jason Fulton 25th January 2009 03:48 PM

Re: inactivity costs
Google has been bouncing me around for the last 3 months. Page 1 to Page 2 and back again, there doesn't seem to be any consistency.

Ill keep building those backlinks and see what happens...


leb123z 25th January 2009 09:03 PM

Re: inactivity costs
Inactivity costs! Don't I know it! I am trying my best to keep those blog posts rolling, embedded with my keywords. Seriously, even 1 blog post per week really helps...Imagine the possibilities when you write unique articles and submit them on a regular basis! I am working on retraining and refocusing my mind here :)


Asher 25th January 2009 11:33 PM

Re: inactivity costs
Hi Graham,

Inactivity will cost you in terms of search engine love,
in my opinion. I use the schedule tool a LOT to make
maximum use of my posts.

Funny enough, there aren't many blog materials that
teach how to schedule posts.

I had to find out about it by trial and error. And it's
made my blogging life a whoooole lot easier. I can
make several posts but have them appear on each
day so I'm "updating" on a constant basis.

Which the search engines really like - hope this


Kooza 26th January 2009 02:37 PM

Re: inactivity costs
All the more reason to target the long tail rather than have an ongoing battle trying to rank over the more competitive terms.


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