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saggsee 23rd February 2012 03:29 PM

Severe ADHD
I myself as the title states above suffer a high degree of ADHD. Sometimes even writing a post results in trips here, there and over there before I finish the post I have written. I am drawn to this area of the Warrior forum as if the Warrior forum have dedicated a whole group section to this MLM programme then I am guessing that a fair few people have been successful. I am on a very limited budget and can barely afford to waste more money. With that said though I like many others have a great deal of knowledge contained within myself and am able to obtain first page rankings (Google) for my clients, websites, Google places and build top notch business pages on G+ and Facebook whilst also being very good at optimizing these pages so they result especially in Facebook as the first one in the search field. My problem is as mentioned FOCUS. My question is this a good one to join? How soon after would I expect to generate some income....I shall now shut up :| and hope someone will answer my questions...thank you in advance peace love respect Saggse :)

Patrician 23rd February 2012 04:34 PM

Re: Severe ADHD
Hi saggsee

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Best regards,

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michaela01127 23rd February 2012 07:07 PM

Re: Severe ADHD
great advice here from Pat ^^

I'd say go with it saggee, i just did :) and it looks like my site will be ready in a few hours

very cheap and effective, we'll be on our way to making money in no time!!

Stephen Meyer 23rd February 2012 10:43 PM

Re: Severe ADHD
Read everything and understand what you are reading. Don't just read, read with intent to learn. As a matter of fact read it all more than once. If you understand what you read about any program you will understand there is no quick route to making money online. It takes work to make money with any business and quick/fast returns rarely ever happen. Understanding this will allow you to build a long term business.

My saying to read and re-read has nothing to do with ADHD. It has everything to do with having a clear understanding of the business. From several years of coming to thus forum I can't begin to number the people who read " what they wanted to read" and had false expectations. PIPs lays out the opportunity, gets you started with some good tools and tries to motivate you into action. It doesn't do it for you or make any promises of wealth. It's a business and you have to work it. Do that and great things can happen. Don't do that and nothing will happen.

Jeffery has pointed out in several post to make a plan, a business plan. Without it you are like a fish out of water just flopping about. make it your first priority. :-)

saggsee 24th February 2012 05:32 AM

Re: Severe ADHD
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message all of you. I can gather therefore what I have to do is focus (Focus easily said but hard to manage) though I guess if I have a daily plan along with business plan my focus should be tamed enough to start earning. Especially as from what I can see this is a great system for newb people to start with.... Watch this space I guess... :)

Patrician 24th February 2012 10:56 AM

Re: Severe ADHD
Hi saggsee

You know what? A GREAT free resource that really helped me to see 'focus' and 'target goals' is Mark Joyner's free online course at Simpleology.com

You can just do the first free module and they will ask but never require you to do the 2nd part which is not free. (too much work besides)

This guy is a genius -(ex-military officer and an internet marketing star) -- He will give you little exercises to do each day to get started to stick to a plan - or actually separate plans - for short term, mid-range and long-term.

I am big on making 'to do' lists and thought they always helped me to get things done, but at a certain level they actually impeded me and made me feel overwhelmed. He explained keeping the targets completely separate - list what you know you can do today and DO IT. Then have a list for the week or month and then for the future -

That was my problem besides that I never actually in my life set a 'goal' or had a 'plan'. I just went with the flow. I love the way he describes focusing on a target. I did the course years ago and still in my mind refer to his concepts often.

It might really help you...

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