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Kanute 22nd August 2008 07:00 AM

Integrating blog in PIPS site

I have both a Blogger blog and a Wordpress blog. I wonder if it is somehow possible to integrate one of them in my PIPS site so that the blog looks like the PIPS site.
Which of them (Blogger or Wordpress) is the better to use with PIPS?
I now just have a link on my PIPS site to my Blogger blog, which definitively doesn't look like PIPS!

Appreciate your help!

Dele 22nd August 2008 07:44 AM

Re: Integrating blog in PIPS site
You seem to have many questions rolled into one.
Let me try and separate them as best.

I assume that currently, you do not have any of your blogs hosted on your domain where you have the PIPS website.

Of course, having your blog hosted on your domain where you have your PIPS website is the most beneficial as it counts as content whenever you update your blog and helps your search engine position and ranking.

If you choose to upload your blogger blog to your site, this is a good resource at Suzanne Morrison's blog for doing this.

Plug-in Profit Site Blog: How to put a Blogger Blog on to your Plug-In Profit Site

Having said that, if you are talking of a complete integration of your blog with your site, then Wordpress is more ideal since there are some restrictions with blogger blog.

Houdy is the expert with Wordpress and he probably will soon come along and be detailed with this. Alternatively, you can PM him on this forum.

I think he has three options

1) Developing your Wordpress blog as an attachment to your site - on your domain, with very extensive customisations as you desire.

2) A complete integration of your website with your blog using Wordpress, which is what I think you are talking about.

3) Your PIPS website on Wordpress.

Matt Helphrey 22nd August 2008 04:47 PM

Re: Integrating blog in PIPS site
It is possible to have a blog that looks exactly like the PIPS site. I think it is the new PIPS 2.0 website or megasite that will allow you to do that. Im not sure who does the upgrade but I do know that it is possible and some PIPS members are using it.

Sorry I don't have more info but Im sure if you do a little searching or asking around someone will be able to help you more.


Kym Robinson 22nd August 2008 05:05 PM

Re: Integrating blog in PIPS site
If you want your blog to look like your pips site, Darrin will do it for you. Find him in your pips back office under site help - I think! or find him through this forum.

My blog doesnt look like mt site but I like it - Houdy helped me out and he is the wordpress expert, so contact him through this forum or there are heaps of things to read on his site at: WordPress Max|WordPress Guides For The Geek Impaired

Good Luck - Kym

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