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Larry Romeo 24th August 2008 01:35 PM

Driving Traffic To My PIPS Site Through "Backlinks"
I am a newbie to PIPS and internet marketing. I am currently going through day 10 of the "30 Days to Success." I have also read through the "PIPS Power Book" several times in recent days.

What I am learning is that I need to learn how to drive traffic to my PIPS web site by building "Backlinks" by writing and submitting articles, blogging, and social bookmarketing.

I would like some discussion on the best process or steps to follow to build "Backlinks" to my PIPS web site and the best free resources that I can use to learn how to write and submit articles, blog, and social bookmark.

Matt Helphrey 24th August 2008 04:00 PM

Re: Driving Traffic To My PIPS Site Through "Backlinks"
Welcome to PIPS and the WF!

The best advice I would give is just to observe and apply some of the things you learn through observation. Find out what people are having success, visit their websites and blogs and try to use some of the same methods.

When you start reading through some great information, understand that you can have that same information on your blog as long as you put it into your own words. Whatever information you read and indulge, you can turn that info into an article and can post it on your blog and submit it to the article directories as well.

Over time your blog will start to compile all of this really good information and the traffic will slowly build with it. You just have to remain consistent with adding unique content to your blog.

Everytime you post to your blog, bookmark your post to the bookmarking sites. Eventually your back links will start adding up from the articles and bookmarks. The more back links you have, the higher you will rank for the keywords that you are using in your content.

Get yourself in the right mind set and understand that you are not going to make money overnight. Committ yourself to succeed long term and do something everyday to benefit your PIPS business.

Hope this helps,

Roy J. Keller 24th August 2008 06:00 PM

Re: Driving Traffic To My PIPS Site Through "Backlinks"
As Matt said welcome to the family. Matt also pretty much said it all.

As for article writing I think the best advice that I received some time ago was, when writing for the Internet the best way to approach that is to write your articles as if you were having a conversation with a friend or family member and you are simply explaining your topic to them. That does not mean to write dialog just smooth easy simple talk yet straight to the point and try to keep it between 400 to 600 words for much less and directories may not think of it as an article and much more will cause many people to not read it.

Social Networking is indeed the up and coming thing online and has the potential to become very powerful as a tool to drive traffic. Establish friendships and include your links in your comments and make your comments come from your heart and people will pick up on that and many more people will start to post your comments creating those backlinks and your traffic will soar in it's time.


GT 24th August 2008 06:29 PM

Re: Driving Traffic To My PIPS Site Through "Backlinks"
Hello, Larry:

Welcome to PIPS and to the Plug-In Profit Site Support group here at the Warrior Forum!

First, this forum is one of the best places to come to learn what you need to know. All I can recommend is that you devote some time to looking through the topic titles and reading the ones that seem relevant to you.

Second, the 30 Days to Success guide is a valuable instruction tool. Read through it completely, then refer to it again and again as you work to apply the recommendations there.
CAUTION: Most experienced PIPSters will tell you NOT to spend any money until you have:
a) gone through the whole guide
b) have checked in this forum to see what other members say about each of the recommendations in the guide
c) have determined and set a monthly budget for your business

Third: regarding, traffic, backlinks, article marketing, etc.,
a) look for the FREE methods recommended in the 30 Days guide
b) read what other members say about traffic, backlinks, SEO, etc., here in the Warrior Forum
c) find tools, resources and recommendations in the PIPS Power Book that you mentioned
d) click on other PIPS members' blogs and websites to see what they are doing and what they recommend (in other words, more reading and research ... but it REALLY pays off in the end!)

Fourth: What I do is article marketing, blogging, more blogging, spend a lot of time in various online marketing forums and do a lot of commenting, comment on other members' blogs, submit my site to article directories ... and I am currently working on changing and updating the content on my website and homepage.

Well! That was a long post! Hope you find some helpful info in there.

GT :-)

Kym Robinson 24th August 2008 09:08 PM

Re: Driving Traffic To My PIPS Site Through "Backlinks"
Hi and Welcome!
Excellent info from everyone above! Well said!
I would only add that you can find a quick step by step guide on Matts blog (above) that tells you what to do for bookmarking in easy to underatnd language!
Go for it!.........and Good Luck to you!

Alan Thomas 25th August 2008 04:48 AM

Re: Driving Traffic To My PIPS Site Through "Backlinks"
Hi Larry,

Welcome to the forum. Follow the advice you have seen above and keep asking questions!:)


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