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Dustin Cannon 12th September 2012 08:04 PM

Here is secret for dominating 5 or more spots in the top 10 on Google
I want to share with you what is working this year in link building and content marketing. In the past it was all about submitting articles to as many sites as possible with links back to your website. With the updates made by Google in the last year or two that doesn’t work very well anymore.

The most effective strategy is to create a low volume high quality linking strategy that includes links from niche blogs, web 2.0 sites and social media. I don’t even recommend article directory submission anymore. It is a waste of time. You will hear a lot about web 2.0 properties this year and what many online marketing and link building firms are doing is they have their own web 2.0 networks where they create links for you to your website. That is fine but I recommend that you create your own network of web 2.0 properties that are optimized for your target keyword phrase. That’s right. Create your own blogs at sites like blogspot, wordpress.com, jigsy.com, livejournal.com, and so on. This way not only do you build links to your site but you also are building a network of sites that you own that can dominate the search engines. I have customers that own 5 spots or more in the top 10. Forget about just getting your site to the top 10 but imagine owning 5 or more spots!

For example, if your target keyword is online home based business. You create a blog at blogspot called onlinehomebasedbusiness.blogspot.com and do the same with wordpress.com and livejournal and so on. You then link to these sites as well as your primary site.

The cool thing is that these sites can get ranked on top and start getting traffic a lot more quickly than your website because these web 2.0 properties already have a high page rank. Plus even if you don't rank your blogs they will get traffic because they will be listed in the top blog directories as well as the main search engines. Blogger blogs just get traffic period.

Here is an example of a web 2.0 property we created for a TCD client.

Top Home Business Ideas

The following video shows you exactly how we do it and although I use it for sales on our sales page you can learn how to do it yourself as well by watching this video

Try this strategy and do it consistently. It is working like crazy! Let me know if you have questions.

GT 17th September 2012 11:20 PM

Re: Here is secret for dominating 5 or more spots in the top 10 on Google
Thanks for the recommendation, Dustin. We're all looking for workable strategies to get back the traffic that many of us lost through the recent search engine algorithm updates. Your outline looks simple and reasonable for even the least experienced newbie marketers.

GT :)

Allen Lundy 5th November 2012 08:52 AM

Re: Here is secret for dominating 5 or more spots in the top 10 on Google

Great idea and recommendation.

I've been doing a LOT of research and in line with your suggestions, I have been for months, and continue to submit high quality articles to 5 different platforms to change my backlink strategy so my link backs aren't all from the same sites, niches, and platforms.

I have roughly 800 different DO FOLLOW sites I RANDOMLY submit to, with maybe 40-50 of the sites being PR6 and above.

The various platforms include Media Wiki Sites, Wikka Wiki Sites, LifeRay Blog Sites, OSX Wiki Sites (Many of these sites are .EDU and .GOV), and I also submit to JCOW Social Blog Platform sites.

SLOW, TEDIOUS, but, so far I believe well worth the time and effort.

It's been years since I submitted any articles to a directory. I just don't feel I get the "juice" from them that is being touted by most article marketers.

Dustin, thanks again for a good post and some very good information.

Allen Lundy

napoleonfirst 10th January 2013 12:33 PM

Re: Here is secret for dominating 5 or more spots in the top 10 on Google
Well, I want each one of you to understand that nobody can manipulate the Goggle results as fr as I know. I mean that there are many guys claiming that they can put your site in the top Google but if they use these terms, they do not have a clue what they are talking about.

First off, Google ranks pages not sites. second, you get rankings in relation to a particular keyword or keyphrase. So, the correct term should be "the xxxx page of my site is ranked on the first page of xxxx search engine for xxxx search term".

If you think tht you will manipulate Google with SEO you will be disappointed. Ranking in the search engines should be only a small part of your marketing plan

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