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Unread 4th Nov 2012, 06:59 AM   #1
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Although "Advice For Best Theme For My Site" has been "Closed", the information Jeffery provided should not be lost due to lack of additional comments.

In over 7 years, this WAS the most informative thread for teaching NEWBIES by a Subject Matter EXPERT ever held inside PIPS.

I VOTE this thread become a STICKY... for all future PIPS members to see, AND learn from. This thread, while now dormant, can continue to help PIPSters enhance their BLOGS and existing PIPS Website/BLog.


REMEMBER: The thread ISN'T about Google, but about PROPER STRUCTURING of your Blog for ALL SEARCH ENGINES to help them in determining if your site is worth indexing.


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Unread 4th Nov 2012, 04:25 PM   #2
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Hi Allen.

The thread has a link in my Tips and Tricks thread - and this is the real purpose of it - so that things don't get lost and sink to the bottom of the index unless bounced.

It was Jeffery's thread and he requested it be closed. So I closed it.

I am aware it is not JUST about Google - I know Google is JUST one of the search engines - but they are the ones with all the drama and dogma and I's to dot and T's to cross - so that is why I used 'Google' as an acronym for 'Search Engine'.

In my opinion search engine optimization and of course content written with SEO principles is a primary way to get free, targeted traffic - and I have thought that for years - what an ingenious, FREE platform @ B-L-O-G -

It's permanent advertising for as long as you keep your blog alive - and as long as it always has a pulse (consistent new content), it will serve very well - (and much easier than keeping a static website always 'fresh').

I tell everyone every day - no matter what else you do - paid or free - they are wasting a critical resource if they are not posting fresh content to their site/blog.

So don't cry about no money to follow Stone's recommendations and then leave the free, EFFECTIVE resource on the back burner because it requires consistent effort over time.

Allen - thank you too for all that you share here in the PIPS WF - much of what has been said of Jeffery could also be said of you - (treasure) - for many years - even with your management job and 80 hundred businesses - you always find time to come here - and it has always been appreciated.

With that said, Stone is the one that determines Stickys. The best I can do is the Tips and Tricks thread reference - and/or re-open the thread if Jeffery requests that.

Actually both Stone and I like it with just a couple stickies -

... and who knows? Stone may read this and comply with your request.

Patricia Brucoli
Plug-In Profit Site Helpdesk
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sticky, vote

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