Help on page loading time. Tell me how fast my page is loading for you.

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Hi warriors,

Need your help.
Have been trying to solve this for 1 week now.

My page loading time is somehow slow.
But when I ask different people to test, I get different results.

Page loading time is affecting my campaign results.
High bounce rates because of this.

Since im running some ads on google, I had their help too.
Googles adwords team said my site loads slow, that is why the conversion results are bad.
People don't have the patience most of the time, when your page don't load within 3 seconds, ppl will go for the X at the top right corner.

This is my page. LP Financial Markets EduFinancial Markets Edu

Click on it, and just tell me how long does the page take to load.
You don't have to listen to the video if you don't want.
This is not a promotion tactic.
I really am trying to solve a problem.

Tell me which browser you are using and the time it takes to load for you.

Google's team is saying it takes about 26seconds initially.
After my programmer stopped some inactive plugins and updated the theme, it dropped to 15 secs, but its still too long.
Now my programmer says it takes about 4 secs for his browser to load.
When I tried the 1st time after he fixed it, it was still at 10secs for me.
THen when I tried the 2nd time after clearing cache and cookies and history, it took 5 secs.
I waited awhile I tried again later and it took 10 seconds again.

So I really don't know what the factors are to a faster page loading time.

My programmer keep saying your video is the one that lags.
My video is only 8 mins long.
I showed him another page that had a video that was 30-40mins long and it loaded 3 seconds for me.

So it cannot be just the video.

Any help is definitely appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys.
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    A few notes on pagespeed, you can improve it drastically by.

    1. Optimizing images (you have a full screen background image, might be better to avoid)
    2. Making server configs, enable compression gzip etc.
    3. Put javascript below the content
    4. Minimize js and css.

    I see you are using s2member and you appear to be using a plugin that does actually add scripts below the content. There is one script I think GA above the fold, and should be below.

    So really looking at the pagespeed analytics the speed time doesn't look bad (could be better, especially user experience, not sure if you care about mobile users?)

    Mobile: //cant post imgs

    Desktop: //cant post imgs

    Looks like some things can be improved and I wouldn't mind helping with those.

    I wouldn't mind redesigning it for free. (serious)

    I just got done with taking course at the University of Maryland last year, and spent the summer working hard on some personal projects, and would like to have some client experience and feedback.

    So I have absolutely no problem doing this free and can have it finished this time tomorrow if interested.

    What I can do for you.

    1. Improve page speed
    2. clean up the design
    3. make it responsive
    4. submit a PSD design first

    Let me know if you're interested!

    here is my github profile, most my repos are private but I will be releasing some public ones, you can take a look at my code
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    First you have to optimize your website using these tools - GTMetrix, Google speed test, Pingdom tools

    Minimize your page loading time is not a big deal but you should have to knowledge about designing and development. Some essential tips are given blow..
    - Optimize your image, JS, CSS
    - Minify your code
    - Gzip Compression
    - Reduce plugins as possible
    - Use CDN
    - Use embedded code for video

    Check here in-depth blog about how to minimize page loading time
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