How to create a Unique Download Page that's active for 24h?

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Hi guys,

I guess you know the process. You buy something and after you have bought it you get a very long and complicated a linkt to a download page that will only be active for 24h.

How can I create something like this? Is there a software or script? And would somebody like me, who can install joomla and has little idea about html and php be able to use these software or scripts on his own?


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    Use PHP time and date function with PHP redirect...
    PHP: date - Manual
    PHP: time - Manual

    if (date/time is) {
    redirect to file
    } // endif
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      Originally Posted by HomeBizNizz View Post

      redirect to file
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        Thanks man. That's good to know.

        But I actually got the question kind of wrong. After doing a little google research I realized that what I need are automatically created one time URLs which combined with your script coud be kept active for 24h.

        Because when somebody buys at day one and the next one at day two and so on and I only had one landing page like download.html I needed to give everybody 24h access, which basic would make the website accesibly all day.

        Any ideas?

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    Hey, I might need this one day. Thanks!
    Freelance Web Development
    and Graphic Design Services
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    The ebooks I bought off ebay some while back where served from filehosts.
    I needed to login off course to get them.
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