Why Warriors don't Want To Make Thousands $ per month ?

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Hello Warriors ,

I See That The Majority Of Members don't have interest on Creating Android Apps And Games , I don't Know Why ? , I Know people under 18 years Earn 3000 $ per month just by buy games codes , and reskin it , although it's very easy to reskin games , you need not to be coder or programmer ......

Please Discuss
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    You make it sound as if anyone can just upload re-packaged source code for a generic app and make thousands of dollars.

    The majority of people here don't know how to re-skin existing code, let alone program their own customizations into it. It would cost thousands of dollars to purchase the source code and hire a developer to do it for them.

    If I'm wrong, go into more detail on HOW it can be done because as far as I know, the mobile app market is extremely competitive and would require a lot more than that to comfortably make thousands every single month.
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    This thread makes no sense. Day trading is easier!! All you have to do is click your mouse BUY X SELL X BUY X SELL X so why aren't more people multi-millionaire trading wizards???
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    If you can say that it's very easy, and you can make thousands of dollars every month doing it, I expect that quite soon you will be coming out with a new product; a case study and full course on how to do it.

    You'll probably make thousands of dollars.

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      I'm with Chris, J50, and Phil with that one, and I too will be on the lookout for the WSO on
      how to make this app approach work!

      I'm also offering myself as a guinea pig to test drive web lover's new WSO to make sure
      it's doable for someone who's not too big into coding (except for HTML - to a point).

      If I can understand it and make it work (and generate some super fast profits), then it's
      likely to be a very viable product. And yes, it's likely to earn you a big chunk of change!

      Just PM me when you've got it ready, web lover.

      FREE Report: 5 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Income

      Let Me Help You Sell: Sales Letters, Email Series, Pre-Sell Reports... PM me & we'll talk!
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    Not everyone has an interest (or the skill) to do what you are talking about. And I doubt that it's easy.
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      Lol I have zero interest in making apps for profit or gaming. Sure there might be money in it, but if i got into that stuff I would most likely lose interest and do half as well (since passion affects how well i work) not make as much and end up not nearly as happy as I'd like to be.

      I actually took a university course on creating android apps. My instructor was boring as sh!t though so the class just ended up as an easy A since I'm already adept at programming (take a few notes in class and code the simple programs he asked us to do; easy peasy).

      But just because I can do it doesn't mean that I will or should be doing it as an income.

      The same can be said about creating an income with kindle, youtube or any other industry where a particular skill-set for the trade is needed. Once your skills connect to something that makes money and it makes you happy, have at it. Go for money and you'll end up chasing money your entire life, which is an inevitable lose considering you'll never have enough.
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