I have a problem concerning switching blogspot to a wordpress

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Hello Everyone
Please i need a help, i switched my domaine website name which was a blogspot to a wordpress i switched all the posts and i created a template and everything goes fine, but i ve a problem, however when someone do a search for a post on google, google provide the old blogspot links i could not even fix it so i hope you can help me if there is any solution, i did not want to write my domaine name here because it might be against the forum policy. Thank you
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    Sounds like you moved the actual top-level domain name?
    (example domainname.com)
    If you type the domain name and it is still taking you to the former blogspot...keep in mind that it can take a day or two for the domain name to properly resolve worldwide. Try it from a different browser or computer too.

    If I have misunderstood, PM me and I will take a look.
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    It will take some time for google to find your new domain with wordpress. You might consider adding some type of note or code on the old blog that redirects visitors to the new one. Keep in mind though that now you have the new site the amount of rankings and traffic will differ a lot because to google you're a brand new website (unless you're able to do a correct permanent redirect. I don't know if blogspot has that option though).

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