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Hi, I'm trying to figure out how I can redirect all post on a site using rent A Serp. I know you can do each post redirect by putting the url in the post but I have over 30,000 posts and it would take forever to fill them all in. Is there a way to control all of them? I don't want to lose the IFrame eah each one has.Maybe it can be done thru the database?
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    Hi Scott.

    Can you give URL to your site and describe in detail what exactly needs to be done?
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    bro if you are using wordpress then it is very easy to redirect just put a redirect code in header file and you are good to go. As i understand you want all your post to redirect to a specific site. If that is the case you can redirect them easily with the above mentioned method or you can also use .htacess redirect method.
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      So what I'm concerned about is if I redirect from the header I will lose my ranking because the big "G" will not craw the posts. I am using WP.
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    Why not put your target URL into a pop up window that fills the window of the SERP you're renting? No redirection need then.


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    HMMMMMMMMMM? So one no-follow popup on all the posts might work. As long as the target url can allow that site to run that might work. Hmmmmmm! Thanks! I'll try it.
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