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by Sirr
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Hey guys,

I've worked on a Python script last night and thought I'd share it with the world for others to use, or learn from.


Github: https://github.com/UndergroundLabs/Imgur2FB

What Does It Do

I manage Facebook pages. Most of the posts on my pages are images taken from Imgur. I was getting a little bored with having to update all my pages 5 times a day with new content, so I created a script to automate it.

The script goes to Imgur.com, fetches an image, grabs the top comment from the image, and uploads the image to your Facebook page. It uses the top comment as the Facebook status message.

The script accepts 4 inputs:

username: Facebook username
password: Facebook password
pageURL: URL to your page
imgurURL: URL to Imgur gallary page

Example usage:

imgur2fb.py joe@bloggs.com secretpassword https://facebook.com/joebloggspage http://imgur.com/search?q=funny
I have this running on a cron job for all of my pages.

Bugs, and Suggestions

I welcome feedback (good and bad) from other developers and users. Please feel free to leave your feedback or suggestions here, or file an issue on GitHub. I would really appreciate it.

I hope this is useful
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