how to build a blog? any suggestions?

by Arcsn
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Hi Guys,

I am working on a website now, and I will need to add a blog into it.

what do you can suggest me: should I build a blog from scratch (and I have never done this before, any tutorial welcome) or should I link any other blog platform (my client is not really happy with this idea...)

any blog building tutorials or ideas or tips are welcome.

thanks in advance.
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    1. Go to >> WordPress
    2. Find theme which suits your blog/business
    3. Buy it.
    4. Install WordPress ( to your host.
    5. Instal theme
    6. Configure and add content.

    Fully working website/blog in couple of hours without programming.

    Why WordPress? Read this.
    What to add to have fully working high quality website? Read this.
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  • Profile picture of the author salahudeentope still remains practically the best blog platform to use, check it out

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    Hi, I can help you to install WordPress and setup premium themeforest theme. If you want? click here..
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    There are many great tutorials out there on the Web that can assist you in setting up a blog. I have put together a great free training course on how to install and set up Wordpress either as a main website or a blog. I hope this helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author Member8200 is the easiest way to create a free website or blog. It's a powerful hosting platform that grows with you.

    Easy to use. lets you create beautiful and powerful websites or blogs.
    Your own domain name. ...
    Search engine and SEO friendly.
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    Hey friend,

    My name is Siraj Mahmood and we are offering absolute WordPress Guide for beginners. You also be the part of this guidance. Hopefully, you will like it and getting me back beneficial response.
    Thank you!
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    In case you're still not sure: WordPress

    It's quick to install (most hosting companies have a 1-click install option), easy to use (a little bit of a learning curve, but easy to get started and learn as you go), widely used (over 20% of all CMS based websites use WordPress), and well documented (youtube videos, training websites, resources, community, etc).

    Have a look at @imakeitwork's mini-guide above. Or just go to and get started.
    Want YOUR OWN website or blog?

    Let's Create Your Website Together...

    Live event (with free mindmap) shows you how to easily create your own website.
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    In my View First Choose a platform on which you want to create your blog. Blogspot or wordpress then you have learn basic thing of both. Means Advantages and disadvantages of both platform. Check out some Online Resource for that which can help you to develop awesome blog.
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    You can use WordPress. WordPress is one of the world’s prominent open source content management systems.

    Benefits Of WordPress:

    • Simple to edit or create new pages.

    • Easy to customize.

    • Search engines love WordPress because the code is very clean can keep the content fresh all the time.

    • Very Flexible – WordPress can be integrated with whatever applications you have on your site or be re-designed to match your site.

    • Quick Loading – Page loads quickly so you don't lose the attention of your visitors.
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    Blogger and WordPress are some best platform for build a blog site.You can try these and also find tutorial there.
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    if you want to keep the design same as your main design then you need to start from scratch. and yes you can choose for your blog .

    Need a WordPress Developer? View my gigs at

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    If you want to have fun and learn how to actually build something yourself, whatever you do just DON'T use wordpress

    I'd recommend Django
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    Hi there,
    Check these tips about how to make a blog and how to make business from it.
    14 Ways To Start An Awesome Blog That Will Snag You Your Dream Job
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