How do I migrate to a new website while keeping my SEO intact?

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What is the best way to migrate to a new website that could have new URLs and Title Metada but the same domain? For example, there are hundreds of blog posts that would need to be redirected to the new structure. Is there an automated way to do this, while still keeping the current Google page rankings? Thanks!
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    Regarding to my understanding you are going to migrate from one CMS to another, right? Please firstly tell which CMS you are currently using and which one you are going to switch to
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      Yes, right my current site is on Joomla CMS and I want to switch it for WordPress... I checked out the last advice, tried out the free demo of cms2cms tool and am going to proceed a full. Do you have any experience on online converters? What do you think on it?
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  • Let us know how you solved the problem when complete. Thanks
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      Can you set up a staging/test version of the Wordpress CMS before you switch over the domain name? Just to make sure all of your links/urls have the same structure? I'm sure automated tools can help but you may also benefit from reading about Wordpress permalinks They allow custom url schemes to be set up. These could be tailored to mimic Joomla's structure.
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        To say the truth, I'm not very programming apprehending person=) so the advice to use an online convert was the best for me to follow. I reached the support team of cms2cms and let them solve this issue and they helped me=) recommend to use this service, though the only drawback is that they do not migrate design and I had to do one from scratch
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