How to add title and meta tags in dynamic .NET site.

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I have one dynamic website in .net UncleJoy . I have several content pages hanging off of one master page. I have to add title and meta tags in the services pages where all the services are triggered from one page UncleJoy where only id of service is changing. how to add title and meta for every service in that case. please help me out.
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    I haven't got a C# dev environment in front of me to test this code out but it should at least point you in the right direction:

    string title = "";
    string ServicesID = Request.QueryString["ServicesID"];
    if (ServicesID != null)
    	if(ServicesID == "1")
    		title = "Service 1 Title";
    	else if(ServicesID == "2")
    		title = "Service 2 Title";
    		<title><%= title%></title>
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