6 seconds JUST to connect to the server BUT just for 1 site?

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have a shared hosting package.
all sites are wordpress.
all optimized, using cloudflare yada yada

all sites load fast 3 to 4 seconds when i do a pingdom speed test
one site...

So when I scroll through the list in pingdom tools speed test I see that this site takes 5 o 6 seconds to resolve to the host
all other site do it in milliseconds on the same hosting package.

all other sites are dot com and dot ca
this one is .co.uk
should that matter?
any thoughts on what might cause this, driving me nuts lol
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    Hi Peter,

    It's hard to guess as there might be lots of issues.
    What you need to do is find the bottleneck .
    It might be heavy resource to load, maybe servers waiting for something,
    maybe database query etc.
    I'm not WP expert.

    Also you say : "5-6 to resolve to host" - what do you mean by that?
    Maybe there's a DNS issue?
    i.e. you can try adding hardcoded entry in your .hosts file for that domain and try from your local machine.

    If it's not DNS then to identify bottleneck just put some breakpoints and try to find when it blocks. By saying brakepoint in PHP I mean i.e. add die('Im here'); in php file.Or do some more fancy profiling if you know how to .

    If that's shared host you probably don't have an option to see the load or identify processes so I think 'debugging' with die() should be some kind of an option.

    If you can paste your website address here I might also take a look from here, but without looking into code it might be useless.
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