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These last few years I picked up learning the basics of web development from Codecademy, Youtube, etc. Since it seems like a lot of companies use Wordpress, I decided to purchase a theme and make my own site for fun and even launched it. I'll look at the actual PHP files and make some edits here and there.

I'm at a point there where I want to make a great app, but don't know where else to look. Seems like a lot of information out there is outdated/deprecated. I'd love to make my current site even better than it is now, and make a phone app that connects with it.

Yes it's a lot of work but I have a bunch of time to learn more.
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    Start teaching yourself JavaScript and learn how to create websites from scratch using HTML 5 and CSS 3. If you know JavaScript you can also do backend work with it these days using Node.JS and other technologies.

    Here's a free series on JavaScript if you've already learned the basics.


    If you're just starting out with JavaScript, start here:

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      Thanks for the reply. Javascript is definitely the next step to learn. I built a basic HTML 5/CSS site and really stoked about it.
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    have you need Learn Code to building web site? because now a lot of tool support you building web site professional.
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  • In addition to an app, you also need to make your website responsive so that your website could be launched in various devices. Google give more weight to the websites with responsive design. Also try to improve the visibility of your website in the searching engine. You can also check Udemy and Lynda websites for learning app development.
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    You can also take help from lynda training videos. There are hundreds of great training videos available on almost all programming languages.
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    This website will help you ->> Learn Web-Development. There plenty of useful tips, check it out
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    you can refer w3c school..This website is very useful to building website / code..This website have very easy way to learn coding
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