Which is the best language to create a new website?

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Hello All,

I want to create a new website with new domain and everything else. I am an NRI living in Florida US from last 12 years and now I want to create a website which helps all NRIS to find anything related to Indians. Here I have found some sites which I liked very much:

I want similar website mixture of all above and wants to include all categories related to Indians.

Next I want to select which platform Should I choose: Php or Dot net?

I heard php is free open source platform but less secure and dot net is very good. It's also expensive.

Please guide me in this issue.
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    Dotnet is good technology to develop new website because it is very secure technology developed by Microsoft...
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    Okay. Sounds good.

    But others Say Php is also good and it's an open source platform. I contacted to developer and he added that php is also going very secure and safe. Feeling still confused... !
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    I think php is a good language for develop a theme.
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    This is a massive undertaking. The first site you list has over 100 pages and not just content. There are forums, mini CMSs, advertising, lots of web applications. The second looks like a circa 2000 web portal. The third is more of a newspaper site, tons of content, news feeds. Funny how they all look like MySpace. If this is all that NRI ( something - something - India??) people have to use right now, perhaps your idea to build a fresh new competitor is a good idea.

    Too early to consider programming language, you are at the stage where you need a consultant to help you choose a publishing system, and a project manager/operations person to plan staffing. A site like this needs full time writers and editors, designers, web developers, devops, marketing staff. To build it, first you need to plan a mockup. Do you really need 100 menu items?. Then you need to either buy a publishing system that is similar, and customize it. Or start with a general content management system and customize it. I just searched and read some articles. I am not aware of the publishing systems mentioned. For CMS, apparently Wordpress and Drupal have been used by some newspapers, but you will need a team of experts to built it out to scale.
    Ok hope that was a little helpful!
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    The language/platform you choose to go with will have every little impact on the final product for something of this size. PHP is a terrible language, widely regarded as so (googley), and .NET is definitely at the bottom of the list.

    If you really must build this yourself, go with something like Rails or Node.js, or even Go for the serverside if you are feeling adventurous. Overall though, it is not an easy project.

    You also need to think about the frontend, and everything else that would go along with something like this. UI/UX design, graphic design, content, etc.
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    Any language can be used for developing an application i.e; java, PHP,.NET etc. PHP and .NET is very easy as compared to JAVA. PHP is considered easier to learn and use as compared to other languages. It is used to create dynamic and flexible applications. Even Facebook is developed using PHP language and if PHP were an inefficient language then, Facebook would have been migrated to another language.
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    Thank you for your help. I must select one platform and would start ASAP.
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    PHP with a JavaScript languange framework like Angula 2, VueJS or ReactJS. You might want to think about using a PHP framework like Symfony 3 or Laravel 5, they come with authentication systems, security, template system intergration - twig or blade..worth looking into.
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    Dot net is more secure. you are right. but after invasion of OOPs implementation in PHP it also become secure like other programming languages. Facebook is also based on PHP and one of the best example to show the power of this technology.
    The best part of PHP is it is free open source hence the cost of websites are much less then website based on dot net. In latest version of PHP many issues are resolved and make this technology more powerful.
    So don't waste your money go for PHP.
    Have a great day!!
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    php is the best framework because of website security and it is an easily editable programming language
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    Thanks to all for your help. I have started working on my website and I am using PHP for website development with advanced security system.
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    There are many languages that you can use to develop applications i.e; JAVA, PHP, ,NET, but PHP language is easier as compared to other languages. It is easier to learn and code in PHP. There are many websites that are developed in PHP and even Facebook is developed in PHP language and if PHP would be insecure then Facebook would have been migrated to another language.
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      I've been told by a programmer recently that PHP is actually dying. That a lot of companies are drifting away from PHP...
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    I think PHP is very good to create websites it is open source and lots of websites are created with PHP.
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    For a web page that present's content just use Wordpress with a nice template of your choice. From your description I can see that you will not include any payment processing. Forget about asp.net it is mostly used for companies intranets since .net hosting is very expensive.
    I hope that helps.
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    A good model for a modern scalable web application should be based on a MVC (model, view, controller) and would be best built using a framework based on doctrine, symphony, PHP and javascript.

    Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
    Connect with the right people

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    HTML is markup for formatting the page. It is not really a programming language, it is more like advanced punctuation.

    CSS is rulesets for telling the browser how to display the HTML formatted content. It is also not a programming language in the same way HTML is, although it can be alot more powerful. See What are some impressive CSS3 feature demos?

    Javascript is a programming language. You use it to make the website interactive. Get Firebug or a similar add-on for Firefox, or just right click and 'Inspect Element' in Chrome to see the javascript for more detail on what javascript does.

    AJAX is an extension of javascript to get data from the web server and update the page with it, without having to refresh the page.

    PHP is code commonly used server side to interact with the filesystem and databases and output HTML. You can also use python, perl, .NET and a handful of other languages/frameworks to do this.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    If you want like CMS where you can edit your content frequently without developer help then go with wordpress and there are few plugins for security in wordpress also and most of the content based sites are using wordpress.
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    PHP is also a good language...it is a server side scripting language to develop new websites.
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    php framework like laravel, codeigniter, cakephp and more using these programming language you can create more and high functionality website.
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    To develop safe and secure website portal similar to reference website I recommend Dot Net technology to use. It's object oriented and much more secure then PHP.
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    I think PHP and ASP.Net is the best One to create a Website
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    it's one of the most popular question that gets asked.
    we have many languages like
    1) JavaScript
    11)Objective C
    You Can use any language for your website...
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    Php is the best scripting language on the server. If you want to run a small task on the server fast, Php beats pretty much everyone else. There are some proven web frameworks in Php such as Laraval is a breeze to learn.

    Ruby is easy to get started with, a lot more syntax friendly than Php. Ruby on Rails is a web framework that's very popular in tech startup community mainly because it's really fast to develop a website and the community is very mature (lots of useful open source libraries to use)

    Phoenix Framework (Elixir language) is the new promising kid in town. Elixir, base on Erlang, very syntax friendly, scales much better than Ruby, and it's functional language features such as pattern matching, pipeline, immutable structure, protocol, etc make it fun to program.

    If you are using .net, then I recommend learning F#. It's a typed functional programming language. It's got feature such as algebra data type that's the best way to model real world business domain.

    Having said all of these, if you want to get a fast start, go with Ruby.

    btw, what do you mean by less secure? the language itself? or framework?
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    I'm work in a filed related to the Ruby programming language. And I can advice you to read this article -> https://roobykon.com/blog/posts/61-r...igest-issue-14
    It can be helpful for your choose.
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    For creating a new website, PHP is the best programming language. It is simple language to write code for development of a unique website. This programming language comes with the regular updates that makes the coding efficient and effective in terms of website performance.

    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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  • PHP is secure !
    Use PHP and don't think about it.
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    Many websites use Php.
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    there is no best langauge but if you wanna taste the flavour of website then learn wordpress which will develop your interest for web developing.
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    Python has many right things. It has much to do with the way reflection is implemented. Python is the number one programming language and the most popular. Ecommerce website developers around the world like it because its main focus is on the efficiency and readability.Development is not an easy thing but when you learn Python you will realize that it is the simplest and easiest programming language you have ever learnt. It is quick to learn and with practice you can become a great ecommerce website programmer in few days.


    Php is the most widely adopted among the ecommerce website developers across the globe. The great example is that one of the major ecommerce platform Magento has been developed in Php.Php is highly scalable and one of the easy to learn website development languages. It can be used as functional oriented and object oriented. It's coding is different and needs little time to get acquainted with the coding style.
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    Javascript is a good language that is used to make website more interactive.
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    WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL very easy to use you can easily make website with this cms .
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    If you want to create a website for your business, then PHP is the best programming language. PHP makes available different choices of PHP based frameworks that eases the development work. It makes the code done in easier manner and thus, make PHP website development affordable.

    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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    Well, you can use any language to develop a website. But, i think PHP will be the best . If you are non-coder, then there various CMS's available on PHP framework like Wordpress, Drupal, Jumla etc. Also, it is secure.
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    Here I can provide a list of some of most demanding programming languages for developing websites.
    1. Javascript (The popularity of JavaScript is the because of its dynamic capabilities)
    2. Python( the new evolving language).
    3. PHP.
    4. HTML.
    5. Java.
    6. CSS.
    7. Ruby.
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    Wordpress is best open source CMS(Content Management System) for website designing based on PHP and MySQL. Wordpress is most popular platform used by many top brands.
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    dot net is good technology
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  • PHP is a good platform and also it is open source so this is the best and very popular language nowadays.
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  • There are many languages in that , I perfer PHP script......
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    You are asking for programming language to learn. However, what you probably really need is a CMS. Maybe start with something like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. They are all written in Php. This should fix 90-100% of the stuff you would like to do. Then you can start programming extensions for fixing the rest.
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    It is easier to learn and code in PHP.
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    There are various programming languages such as Javascript, Pythonevolving, PHP, HTML, Java, CSS. But PHP is a good platform and you can easily make website with this.
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  • If you are going to make dynamic website, java is the best option, otherwise PHP would be good.
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    In my opinion, PHP is the best for web development. You must know: PHP is traditionally used as a server-side scripting language, while Python is valued for its dynamics, availability, and simplicity,
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    Maybe this helps you decide:

    Indian Website for Nris in USA | NRIS Is written in PHP - Codeigniter framework
    Welcome NRI Is written in ASP.NET Web forms
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    I have used many languages and been developing for the last 36 years. I can honestly say that the best language is the one that you find the easiest to develop in. I would suggest starting with something like VB/C#/ASP.Net, or PHP as they both have a ton of resources and tutorials available and have a vast audience. The thing about starting out is that a lot of people think they can choose one language and this is just not the case. You will need to learn HTML, HTML3, XML, REST/SOAP, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and whole slew of other things as well. While it sounds daunting, it really is not, as these others are really additions to whatever language you settle on.
    Websites, Domains, and Hosting
    WordPress Hosting and much, much more
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    Depend on what you are looking to do with that I think PHP is a good choice.
    Nowadays most website are built with wordpress which is build on PHP so knowing PHP will mean you will have work as freelancer or as website developer if that the kind of work you are after.
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    I think that today good way is to use some PHP Frameworks, like YII, Laravel and others.
    Its not so simple like using Wordpress, but popular frameworks has huge communities, where you can ask any questions and get help from professionals.
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    Based on experience I prefer php which is the world's most preferable language for website development.
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    .NET is also free, to develop use Visual Express For Web.
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    If you are creating a new website then I would suggest you to use Dot net because it is very secure language to develop any page and as we all knows the technology provided by the Microsoft so obvious it is very secure and faster than other language.
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    Wordpress , html ..or perhaps try wix ? ))
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    PHP is popular and i think could simply be the best language
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    All you need to know. Trust me.

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    A website created with PHP can be very secure (if you know what you're doing). After all, PHP powers 80% of the world's websites.

    I vote for PHP because it's the most popular scripting language for websites. A big advantage if you choose PHP is that you can find many tutorials, resources, and communities where you can ask for help.

    Instead of building your website from scratch, you can always use a PHP framework. I prefer Yii2, but that's only my opinion.

    Of course, besides PHP, you also need to learn HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript.
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  • ANGULAR JS - 59%
    Ruby - 68%
    JavaScript - 66.7%
    C# - 36.7%
    Python - 27.6%
    PHP - 27.2%
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    Dotnet is the most secure platform.
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    Up to my knowledge Php is the most suitable language for website development. Apart from Php, javascript is also good.
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  • Total PHP is the Best
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    For making a website we need following languages:

    HTML - creating the contents of the website
    CSS - design the webpage
    JS - used for validation
    PHP - used for storing the user data
    Angular JS - framework for JavaScript
    The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site: used for making the website more responsive and more secure
    JAVA - best programming language used for web development and interacting with the database
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    PHP. It is one of most frequently used website coding languages.
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