Newbie seeks Udemy Veteran who can connect with FTP

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First, sorry to be a stupid, whinging, idiot who doesn't know the simplest thing.

Persistent problem with connecting Notepad++ to FTP and to see result on webpage while taking Udemy lessons - trying to be as good as you guys.

I connect as per instructions and use it without any problems. Take a break, return and then it doesn't connect. I've lost about a month to connecting issues.

FTP is unlocked - No error 530 messages

FTP says it is connected.

Notepad is open with html file to page for lesson

Html file is open in Notepad

Browser webpage open to same webpage I have been working on for weeks!

After 2 weeks of ticket support with paragraphs of rocket science level instruction for a preschooler, I went back to the beginning of the lessons and just re-took about 40 lessons until it worked.

Now, I have some other issue.

Does anybody know of a simple list of clear step-by-step instructions to get Udemy connected and working?
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