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There are a couple of marketers who have created a system where you subscribe and they provide you with capture pages and an autoresponder with the messages filled in that you can use for programs they cater to.

What program(s) or scripts do they use to create such a system? I'd like to replicate it for a couple of my products.

I'd appreciate any advice given. I'm on a low budget so if I can jerry-rig something, it would be wonderful. I have a couple of autoresponder programs I can use on my server and I have an unlimited account at TrafficWave if I could lead in to them (which is my preference.)

I know I would need a membership portal but am lost as to how to store the pages and give the options for the type of page desired for the program desired. Would a different page have to be set up thru the portal for each design? Hmmm ... talking it out is giving me ideas but I don't want to reinvent the wheel, esp. if if has already been greased.

I look forward to responses or guidance to what keywords to use in order to search it elsewhere in the forum.

Iya Ifalola Omobola
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    Hi Iya,

    If I understand you correctly, you want to pre-populate some affiliate marketing assets, so affiliates can quickly and easily get up and running. There are lots of technologies you can use for this. A quick way is by capturing the form registration data in mysql, and outputting the code for the affiliate marketing assets with the custom values related to the subscriber and whateve program they are subscribing to.

    An example, or a more detailed description of the user flow will get you more accurate answers.

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    As far as your autoresponder messages go, your AutoResponder system allows you to publish your letters and make a code available for others to retrieve them in to their AutoResponder account.

    You can use the Signature Tokens to have the letters automatically insert the appropriate name, email, URL, etc... in to the pre-written letters when they are retrieved.

    Brian Rooney, CEO Email Marketing AutoResponders
    Email Marketing Blog

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