Software Product Ideas for solving/automating simple problems in IM Niche

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I want to create my first product and offer as WSO. I'm a Software developer with more than 12 years of experience. I'm more comfortable developing software than creating Information products.

Any suggestions on how to find the problems that people already have and willing to pay for solving it?

Or anyone has any software idea ( Wordpress Plugin or Web based ) that can help your business, please let me know, I will be happy to share a review copy with you
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  • "I'm more comfortable developing software than creating Information products."

    As am I.

    However, from bitter experience, this is a terrible mindset to start with.

    Your (current and future) customers do not care about your code. They don't. You do. But no one else does.

    Code is the tool you will use to build something.

    What I would strongly suggest you do is forget about code. Forget about it entirely. Focus 100% of your efforts on finding a group of people who have a problem. Drill as far down into this problem as you possibly can.

    I've found it best to look inwards here. If you are already an active internet marketer, what problems have you faced that some tool may have made your life easier when working on?

    Even then, once you find this pain point, you need to validate others suffer from it. This is the hard part. Falling back to writing code is easy. You know how to code. Writing code feels like you're being productive. I feel the same way.

    The truth is, you / I spend days / weeks / months (hopefully not years) building some perfect bit of software that we have literally no one to sell it too when we're done. And we are never done, btw, because... software!

    My best advice is to start with some tiny problem you already have. Even tiny problems take ages to write polished usable software for.

    If all this sounds extremely time consuming and painful then I agree, it is So a counter point to this would be hit the Envato marketplace. Try a few popular plugins, see where they suck, and then write a better version than that. They've already done the market validation for you, but you will still need to do a heck of a lot of marketing to get the customer's attention. Simply saying "me too" is not (usually) good enough.

    I hope that helps, I am aware it's a little negative. I have a lot of empathy for your situation, as it's the exact same one I've been in in the past.

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      Thanks for the wonderful advice Chris. I will follow your suggestion and get back to you on the results I get.
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