Need some help with 2captcha multi/form post method for my project?

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Hey folks,
Im working on a cool little software project in and im almost finished but theres one last hurdle in my way and thats intergrating 2captcha in my software, i know how to use the api for recaptcha but i need to use the multi/form post method for "normal text captcha", So im Just checking if theres any experienced coders who can help me out with a 2captcha multiform post method example for "" as they're website isnt very helpful when it comes to this and i've been looking everywhere online via intensive google searches, forums, etc.

I figured out how to use the 2captcha api for google recaptcha v2 with my project already and how to check balance via http get request, but i just cant figure out how to upload a normal text captcha image to 2captcha via the "multi/form post method"...

so if anyone could help with an "example code snippet" of how to do so in "" it would be highly appreciated and i will even give you a copy of my software/project im working on once i've finished it as a way to say thanks for helping me with this last hurdle. Thanks in advance
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    You can use the example from other captcha service with post/get and change only the lines with url and fields. See VB .Net API
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