live chat to my site and answer with my phone

by shoko1
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hi im looking for live chat i cant embbed on my site and when someone is aksing a question i can answer him by my phone
and good reviews wiil be good if there wiil be app for it also
free and pais service will be welcome thanks!
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    Hi, I have Jivochat on my site. It's easy to install, just a small javascript code added. I have a desktop application, which I use for chatting, but they have a mobile app support , too. The good news is that they support a number of channels. I'm using onsite chat and facebook channel. So, every message to my company's facebook messenger comes right away in my chat app.
    It has an option to transfe chats to other members of the team , which is very useful for me, too.
    Hope I helped
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  • Profile picture of the author Jarrett Myers is good too. There are alot of options for this. Can you edit the site using ftp and edit the file? It's goes right before the html close code or php close. Very simple to do.
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