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by Rar
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Hello everyone
This is my first time hearing and getting into this forum.
I am looking for how to create an application for my personal purpose which is an application where we can access and enter different details like different body measurement, cloth raw material of course depending on stock, shapes to create ,pay and deliver clothes .
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    It is best to order a specialist. It will be faster and better than you do yourself.
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      Thank you lana
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    I didn't get a bit, do you want to have multitasking application for yourself or to create it for selling your services related to the tailoring? I think if you consider multiple options, for example, you want to learn how to do programming you should specify which language you want to learn. If you consider hiring a developer or team of developers you also need to specify information about your project.
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    Thank you bananacode
    actually I want it for me to use it for my husband shop of tailoring.
    As we are facing difficult time nowadays due to competition and the shop is going down.
    So I imagined that if we can make an application may be it will be useful and we will touch more ladies even those who don't have time.
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        thankful for your interaction. i am not familiarised with technology , actually i am so far from it . i just started search to learn. so you are welcome to help. i checked one site " http://bodyvisualizer.com/ "
        i really wish to have like that in my application with some more details and measurements . as i said i do not know from where to start and how to be safe from any fraud
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    If you are non technical person then there are lots of application available in market you may use one of them.and if you want to create your application then you must have some knowledge about programming languages.

    Thank you,
    iFour Technolab pvt. ltd
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    You can start with hybrid apps, it is easier than learning Java or Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.
    Btw it is not a simple app, it needs skills and experience, so it may take some time with you.
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    Well ! Then You should really really ask me to tell you the person who will solve your problem in a very efficient way without getting you in touble or struggle.
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    If you're a complete beginner in the field of programming I think it'd be quite a hassle for you to make a bug free app which can actually perform all the tasks which you're planning to accomplish, a better way as suggested by my fellow warriors here is to directly contact a professional. But if you're determined to do it on your own then you better buckle up with Android Studio I suppose.
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    Build A Mobile App In 12 Easy Steps
    Step 1: Set a Goal.
    Step 2: Sketch your Ideas.
    Step 3: Research, research, and then research some more
    Step 4: Wireframe
    Step 5: Start Defining the Back End of Your App
    Step 6: Check Your Model
    Step 7: Get Building
    Step 8: Design the Look
    Step 9: Test Your App, AGAIN.
    Step 10: Modify and Adjust
    Step 11: Beta Testing
    Step 12: Release Your App
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  • The mobile application you want is a type of E-commerce mobile application, E-commerce mobile application is a type of application use for online product sale and. With the help of E-commerce application, you can reach to your customers fastly, without making an extra effort.
    Well you are a little slow because of all the companies already had their mobile application but no issue it is Good that you take the decision

    if you want you can read more about the mobile application benefits:-
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    Its simple . Learn how to create mobile app without coding using free or paid tools that are barely know.

    There are so many of free tools you can use around.
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