I Need Some Suggestions about the Next Steps of learning (Programming & Designing) and Practicing

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I became to know about Basic Webdeveloping tools in 2014. But I started learning web programming languages in May 2017 . So far , I have learned html5 , CSS3 , JavaScript , Jquery , Ajax and BootStrap 4. Now I have to jump in Server Side Programming Languages and my Target is PHP. But majority of people , when googled , saying that PHP is not a good choice now-a-days.

Note: I want to create a web Application(website) for RealEstate classifieds. There are many classified websites already, but I have some different Ideas.There will be a lot of use of dataBase to store data of properties. And also I want to associate myself to this business in future.

Although this question have many answers on the web, but I think here I can get more unique answers. So please suggest me what should i learn next .

And Second, I want to Use Some features of Adobe PhotoShop to sell my skills on internet( e.g. on fiverr) . E.g.. I will Offer " I will Change background of your Photo" . This is the most simple and common example. What are the other ways that I can use to earn some money to fulfill my needs until I am a full Programmer

And third , I am feeling that I am not recovering material that I am learning properly in my mind. When I look back for some codes that I have learned , some time , I feel Its is not studied by me. So what are the best ways to do Good Practice.
Now soon I am going to create my first Website. and I want to make turorials for what I have learned . The purpose of creating tutorials is only that i want to Improve my own Knowledge As "Teaching is such a way that increase your knowledge".
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    Wish you success on your journey. I would say an yes to your idea of learning from the internet (following quality programmer's personal blogs/tutorials/taking part in programming forums) rather than some offline education..well that's my type anyway. I started off with some quality programing blogs like w3schools , jeffrey's blogs , afterhoursprograming and i would suggest you follow such blogs too.These are just examples but there're plenty more around.

    Alternatively , be an active member at the proraming section of warriorforum , feel free to check out and take part actively in other programming related forums and there you go...with focus , you''ll achieve the knowledge you're looking for

    Good luck
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    Dot Net abolish the partition between applications and the Internet. Instead of contact with an application or a single Web site.The .NET Framework supports building and running of next generation of applications and XML Web services.Dot Net is effective for next generation programming language because it has more easy in learning and also more demanded in the market.
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    hello kashifriazghgh!
    i have heard this from many students that they get advice from people that PHP has no scope, that is completely disagreeable. PHP is a concept that scope could never ends. It is a server side scripting language that is used for developing web applications. The idea you want to implements surely supported by learning PHP. There are various PHP tutorial sites that could help you in implementing your dreams. As you said you are not recovery material then I would suggest you to have look on phptpoint.com, best tutorial side in my knowledge as each and every tutorial is well explained so even beginners could grab it easily. every sessions are step by step explained.
    All the best for your further success.
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    You can also look if Udemy has some courses you can take.
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    Web Development and programming with languages like C# Java etc is good I have also been involve in software development for almost 4 years, but now days technology trends are changing very fast. The era of Artificial Intelligence has been began.Now days gadgets and web are becoming more intelligent then ever before. Now if you want to be successful in tech industry you should go for AI(Artificial Intelligence).

    You should learn how to program intelligently. Another cool thing in AI is Big Data which is great enhancement in AI Field. Now tech giants are more concerned about learning human behavior towards technology you can check google how they provide you data intelligently according to your needs and behaviors.

    Big data is not just one thing it is emerging in every field today specially in health industry. I have got detailed info about Big Data in Health Care.
    You can check our here: Big Data In Health Care
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    I think you should go for React which is a product from Facebook. It is a JavaScript framework for making websites, desktop apps, mobile apps.

    JS frameworks are on top these days and the time of PHP is gone.
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    based on my experiences try going from basic to the advanced level by practicing live projects and best resources that I can suggest for you codecademy.com they have live coding platform and real scenarios for coding
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