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Hello Professionals! Assistance requested.
Perhaps not so much an issue with TheMediaTrust, but something along the lines of their findings. So, there's an advertising business that's having some issues with TheMediaTrust regarding a specific client. Here's what I know. Bear with me, this isn't my area of expertise. --Two different domains, no javascript --When uploaded to TMT platform for scanning, 2 different domains (or in one case, subdomain and host?) have been flagged as "delivering potentially malicious content when executed in a live environment." Normally they are able to tell why a client got flagged, but this time it's not at all clear. --It seems to be a problem with the client's tags that would be running in DSP to upload to creative

The incident summary says that this domain has been seen to auto-redirect to popups and phishing attempts. The advertising business (not the client that has the content flagged as malicious) can't replicate this behavior and TheMediaTrust won't give them more details. They simply say that the domain exhibits patterns that they've seen lead to malicious redirections in the past, not that the domain is definitely malicious. They were more specific to say it's a problem with the subdomain and its host and it could become malicious in a live environment.

I can give an example of a simple tag that keeps getting flagged, not sure if it'd be helpful. What information would be helpful for figuring out where the issue is and fixing it? How can we engage dialogue with the client regarding this and have them be proactive in a solution? Also, apologies for the length, just trying to include relevant info...
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    • Is this implying that I should be posting in programming? If that's the case, let me know so I can switch this over.
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        Originally Posted by crawlingforinfo View Post

        Is this implying that I should be posting in programming? If that's the case, let me know so I can switch this over.
        It implies that you are much more likely to get an answer there.

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    Even though this is in the right section now its impossible to get a good answer on a forum for something like this. It requires access to the server to see how its setup and a good amount of research into the architecture of the site, how the sites DNS is setup, history of acces etc. Its not going to be something the client is going to be able to assess and fix themselves.

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