Wordpress Website Loading Speed Is 41 Seconds :( How to reduct the Loading Time

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Hello friends,

I have hotel website, but the loading speed is too slow. it takes 41 seconds to load completely. the website is in wordpress. please give me suggestions, what should i do to minimize the speed, which plugins should i use. waiting for your kind response. thanks
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    Singly the best way to reduce page load time is to compress imagery.

    Aside from this, install W3 total cache and learn how to use it, minify your scripts, use Gzip and consider using a CDN like CloudFlare.

    You could also look at browser caching.
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    That site has serious issues provided you are not talking about a slow connection. I'd suggest you get a web designer /developer fix it for you - plugins are not going to fix the issues.

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    You should use compress css and js file, optimize image properly . Cleanup database from unnecessary data .
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    Hey mates! There are many ways to decrease the loading time of your page. Read the article and follow the step. It will help you to minimize your page loading time
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    44 seconds is a too big loading time. This is due to slow database of your WordPress site. Simply change your hosting to bluehost.
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    Try to make image optimization, change to solid framework theme, use the cloudfare shall increase the loading speed of your website.. just try it...

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    All these answers are great, I'm not suggesting they aren't the cause of your slowdown, but without knowing the root cause(s) of the problem you're essentially working blind.

    If you're keen on doing this yourself then I'd suggest you start by running your website through GT Metrix - https://gtmetrix.com/ (and also Google's Page Speed Test machine) and that will at least start you off in the right direction of the causes

    I want to add that the answers above are all valid, and should probably be done as a matter of course. BUT just "fixing" things blindly is not the way to go.
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