Bad Effects of Using Hacked WP Themes or Plugins!

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Hi all,

First of all I do not know if it is OK to post this thread here or not.

Almost all of us know WordPress and we use themes and plugins within wp. Some of the themes and plugins are premium ones. And you know some "or many" people may look into the internet to find the premium plugins and themes for free or nulled.

Such habit has many bad effects on the website like:

1- Not getting updated theme or plugin.

2-Copyright or owner rights problem.

3-Not getting proper support from the theme or plugin's owner.

4-May reduce ranking and SEO in some ways.

5- >>>> The big problem is that your WordPress website maybe under hacker attack. Moreover, I have read that the hacker may include a piece of code within the nulled theme or plugin and he can access and hack your wp site, he can also steal your affiliate sales like clickbank and amazon and do more bad things.

**Could you please tell me how correct is the 5th one? and can he really steal affiliate sales? please elaborate more?

*For me I prefer not to use nulled theme or plugin.

Thanks indeed
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