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do you think wordpress is reliable in terms of login details?
I use wp in my website for thousands of people, n I got many login problems.

is the problem the wp or the membreship plugin ?
example of the problems:
  • they can't login right after they register for free, even when they use the exact copy paste logins they just got
  • they didn't change anything, but just logged out the website, n few hours later they can't login using the previous login details, maybe it changed by itself which should never happen
  • etc
what do you think?
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  • I'm not sure but could it be a caching problem?

    I've had issues similar to that on a membership site that used a cache plugin. I forget the details but it was like the login process forgot who I was or what I had access to.

    After I deactivated and deleted the plugin the problem went away immediately.

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    I don't use any caching plugin right now

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  • If you are on a web host that uses Lite Speed Server, many of them are rolling out a mandatory new caching plugin automatically that works with the server. You may want to check on that and see.

    On my host, the plugin installed and activated itself automatically.

    If that isn't it, then hopefully someone else will come along soon with other ideas.

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    I contacted my web hosting , n yes they got 1 plugin turned on about the caching stuff. I finally turned it off n I think the login started to become smooth

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    As per me, WordPress provides a complex password on your registered email, you just have to find it. and change the password, if you require it. Also one more thing, there is no such thing that due to catch it will not allow us to log in, it's us who make mistakes like when we copy & paste the password mistakenly some people add a space with it like this (qwert123 ). So, don't make blame on WordPress.
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