I cant modify my .htaccess file to create clean urls

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Hi, Im Panagiotis Doris and i need your help about an .htaccess issue. Well i can modify my htaccess to redirect from www.euresi.gr to euresi.gr but when i try to write the code to create clean friendly urls for my site nothing happens. I dont use Wordpress or any other tool my site is in php and my urls are very long and Seo unfriendly. How this issue is solved....
What im doing, in my root i have an .htaccess with rewrite condition to change -www.euresi.gr/index.html to www.euresi.gr .... nothing happens. Then in a folder of my site that is a category i also create a new htaccess with rewrite conditions for this particular category... nothing happens.

Thank you in advance,
With Respect,
Panagiotis Doris.
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