Do i need IDE for JavaScript?

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Hi guys! I'm new in programming and wanna know if i need to install any IDE on my pc, because i found some list of websites where i can code online in browser with online IDE's. Please give me advice.
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    I always use an IDE or at the very least I develop locally. The main reason is because you may (rarely) end up someplace where you don't have internet or may not want to connect to the internet available or it may just be super slow.

    I use for most of my coding these days. You can download a lot of packages for linting, etc.

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    You don't need an IDE. You can use Notepad, Notepad ++ or Brackets which are all free on Windows. If your web host offers SSH access then you can use any linux editor like nano, vim or emacs and edit live on the server.
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    The offline compilers are faster and way more reliable. Also, when you actually build something useful, the online IDE would be of no use. Go for a good IDE which supports the language you're going to work on.
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    Yes, you don't need any IDE (you should also use notepad).

    But if you want to speed up your development you need a good IDE
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  • you can compilat in your browser like google chrome you need an text editor (.js) like sublime text 3
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    Here are a few solid and free IDEs to choose from:
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    It makes things a LOT easier!
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    Yes you do and VSCode is the best IDE for Javascropt & Typescript these days.
    Enjoy !
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    All modern web browsers come with a JavaScript Engine (A JavaScript Engine is a program or interpreter which executes JavaScript code.) Then we can execute JavaScript code by the browser without using an IDE. But If you are using Webstorm like Javascript IDE, It will ease your work.
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    Usually I use VisualStudioCode, but I learned JS with "websites where i can code online in browser"
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    A cloud IDE is not good for long term, Visual Studio Code is the best imo.
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